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Bing Rewards –

Why Bing Rewards? Because many of you spend a great deal of time using Google search. But what if we could get paid or "rewarded" for our search efforts? We can. Last month I decided to give Bing Rewards a try. It works. If you are not familiar with Bing Rewards, it's a way for you to earn rewards in return for using Microsoft's Bing to search. It's easy to get started. Follow either link to setup your account, set Bing as your browser's startup page and use Bing as your primary search tool. Done.

For me, I love Google and all it's services and will continue to use them, but Google does not compensate me for using their search engine, Bing does and Bing gives identical search results. Many say Bing is better than Google. Try it for yourself. Our time is valuable, so why not get paid for it. Bing rewards you per search for using their search engine, Google does not.
Be sure to share this with your friends so they can start earning rewards too!

Bing Rewards -

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Just got these results from my galaxy s5 on my Wi-Fi. Not too bad.

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Hello all, I would like to remind everyone, our website ( ) is built on the hugely popular WordPress platform. This means you are able to post and comment there as well. ~pc

Just in case anyone has not yet seen our new website, check it out, post and comment. And If you don't yet have a Gravatar get one! Wordpress and Gravatars go hand in hand.

Oz Gaming | TF2 -

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I've gotten falsely banned. Someone was advertising some aimbot or something like that, under my name. Please un-ban me. My name is Xx_Zenith_xX .

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A NEW FPS I think is worthy of a plug. No worries, this game will not replace TF2 -

Hi there,
My steam name / website account: davima5950
Youtube: davima59
Real name: Matt
I also just registered on the website too become a member.

I am (as most of you may know) a gamer that most of the time plays TF2 in my spare time. I was first introduced to your CTF server from my friend  Companion³. I have never had more fun a server than yours.

I like all of the nice staff, very polite, responsible and kind. I am the kind of person who will always follow the rules. Even if it means no one will like me. My current age is 15. I am a kind person and don't really constantly speak foul language. I live in my parents basement. I am also bad at writing. I have been playing TF2 for about 500 hours now and getting the hang of it. I also use a mic when i am on server that let me. I only have 8 friends on steam, and would like to make more. I will report any rule breaking on the servers. As all ways thank you, and have a good day.

Heyo, other than PC, anyone else remember DakotaNick? A very old ex- player/admin. Just trying to see if there's any others from when I've been playing. The group I remember; we're so small now. 

I am in the market for a new monitor that has extraordinarily accurate color reproduction, 120hz or higher for gaming,  1920x1080, 27 inch, manufacture doesn't matter, but I had my eye on a few ASUS's.
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