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I really do miss this community...

I'm still around if anyone is still getting notifications.

- Wii

I love you guys oz gaming is my favorite tf2 severs to go on they are really fun and the mods are nice and friendly i got some mods as my friends to

2 New TF2 Servers - California and Miami

It's been a few months since we last spoke. Today I am letting everyone know we are all the proud owners of 2 beautiful baby TF2 servers, both 24 slot.

Baby TF2 Server #1 is located on the South East Coast of Miami, FL -
Baby TF2 Server #2 is located on the West Coast of Los Angeles, CA -

And YES, we are recruiting TF2 Admins. 13+ is required.

Pass it on!

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I’m sure over the past few months you guys noticed the drop in traffic to our TF2 servers. Besides everything that has expired within our community, popular gaming sources tell me there has been a significant drop in Steam portal traffic for TF2 over overall, it’s not just us. This drop in traffic has obviously affected our community. Some of this has to do with many of the new games released for the PC, PS4 and XBO. Besides that, over the past few months we’ve had a lot of changes throughout the Oz Gaming management. As for me, work has been kicking my butt. As this is a good thing for my wallet, not so much for my community. Same goes for Jab. When you add all these things together, it’s almost impossible to build a strong gaming community without our admins being active, interacting and recruiting on a daily basis. Maybe TF2 is slowly dying out? Don’t know.

You guys remember the major issue we had with That forced me to relocate our TF2 servers and start new IPs, after 7 years that is never a good thing. Especially when you spend all that time advertising your IPs and the players adding them to their favorites and suddenly it’s no longer there. Not good. Then I found They were suppose to be our crutch, but 3 months later they failed us. I won’t go into detail, let’s just say their support is horrendous. Stay far away from unless you don’t mind waiting 24-48 hours for someone to respond to your support tickets. I will be posting negative reviews about just like I did for What can I say, I don’t like it when people waste my time and money. Others will know about it.

With that being said, after 7 years I will be taking a short rest from running/managing/building/owning a gaming community. I plan on keeping up and running until I figure out which game to go with for the next 7 years. Any ideas please post them in the comments below.

Whoever wants to use, the forum and social media will be up and running, so feel free.
Please post your questions and ideas!
I love you guys!

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Hey (Oz pc) if your not busy plus respond

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this video get crazy

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