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~hello I am looking for a roleplay partner. I prefer male, but it is fine if you are a woman roleplaying as a man. Here are something's you may want to know~

~i don't rp with anyone under the age of 13
~i can do up to 5+ depending if you are keeping it I interesting and if I am in a good mood
~i have proper grammar
~i can get confused easily at times, so sorry if I ask a few questions
~i am NOT good with starters

~What I'd prefer the partner to be or have~

~you need to be dominant or seme. Unless it's not that kind of rp be descriptive atleast 2+. It's fine to have a one liner every now and then
~you NEED PROPER GRAMMAR if English is not your main language then please tell me
~please no slang or emoji

~those are important things you need to know. Here are some type of roleplays I do~


~more described~

//and more//

~here are some fan based rps I do~

~attack on titan
~tokyo ghoul
~home stuck
//and probably some more//

~here are some ships that I rp~

//i know there's more//

~if you would like to be my rp buddy I will ask a few questions and skim through your profile. If I like you then we may be rp buddys, but be prepared to have a new lame friend~

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Rayne was always different. A sad child if you will. His parents died. He was put in an orphanage, gets bullied and starts self harming.

All he wants is to feel like he belongs. Wants that one person to be there for him when he needs a hug or a shoulder to cry on.

Will he ever recover..? Will he find himself again..?

(Open RP)

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Open for Ukes, Sekes, or Semes

In the library, hidden under the old house that smelt like dust and paper, there were old old books that smelt of coal, that sat on dusty shelves. Upon opening these books one would find interesting scribblings about demons, with symbols and instructions. If one drew a certain symbol on the floor with blood, and said those words, a demon would appear based upon the desires of the soul.

Now, one time, a boy fell down the stairs and found himself in the dusty basement and scanned the books, finding the one on demon summoning. This specific person wanted someone to love them, someone to care for them, truly love him. He brought the book home and did as the ritual said, and then came a demon

The demon was tall, having two horns that poked out under his hair line. His said was a snowy white and his skin an ashy gray that could turn to a soft tan color, like that of a humans. His eyes were a bright blue and his nose was bleeding. He had bandaids on his elbows and looked a bit beat up. He grinned at the other... Y/N.

"Hello Sugar~"

♠Rules yay!♠
•Three lines minimum and don't do one liners or I'll ignore you, try to be descriptive
•Try to be active, if you can't, just tell me and I'll gladly wait
•Introduce your character, at least describe them to me
•Add drama, make it fun, interesting
•There can be sex later in the roleplay

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Nezumi was slightly depressed. He was missing Shion. Though, he never admitted it when Dog keeper asked him what was wrong. Nezumi was ready to go see Shion, even though he didn't want to enter his life and cause trouble again


Nezumi walked away from Shion. His heart was aching, but he knew it had to be done. When he got home he took a shower and got dressed. He sat on his bed and looked around the quiet room. He didn't like how quiet it was for the first time in forever. He had to see Shion again.


Nezumi walked around the town. He got many glares, some people recognized him, others didn't. He didn't know where Shion was, but he had a feeling it was at a pastry shop

Nezumi searched and searched until he had found a pastry shop. He walked into the building. Nobody was there. As he walked to the cash register his eyes darted through the room. He then danged the bell letting someone know he was there. He heard someone say "one second" before Shion walked into the room. When Shion realized it was him, he froze and stared at Nezumi

Hello Shion.... long time no see...

Seke needed to play Shion
Proper grammar
Please do not ask for a PP if you haven't seen the full show yet (the show is no.6)
Is a romance, and can include hentai in the future 
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Created by +Dipper Pines
5 years now. They had got together at the beginning on their freshman year. They went through high school and graduated together. They soon ended up living in an apartment together. They made a deal to where (Y/N) would work and Shiloh would do all the house work and cooking. Everyone knew they were a sexually active relationship. They had a ddlg relationship and weren't afraid to let everyone know that

(Y/N) had rules, and if they were broken, he'd punish Shiloh, even in public. Though he wouldn't make it too obvious. Or he'd take him somewhere private and deal with it then. Shiloh had his moments where he'd get jealous and act bad to get (Y/N)'s attention. Though he knew he would be punished. He's also a very big button presser

Shiloh had many habits. He had many scars on his torso, stomach, and arms. When he was to get a hold of a knife he'd cut himself. (Y/N) knew about this SI he kept the knives hidden

(Y/N) set up a rule that Shiloh has to be asleep around 1, or he'd be punished. (Y/N) had a bad day, and it didn't help that when he walked into the house he heard loud music coming from the bedroom in which Shiloh was in laying on the bed. (Y/N) walked into the room and..

Will include; core, suicide, sex, and depression
Daddy Dom needed
Say "blood" if read all
Rough, protective, etc etc you'd know if you've done a ddlg before Male needed seme
Photo of character needed
if your not into it being ddlg I can make it to a masterxslave type
If you want his pf, ask and I'll tag you in it
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Would anyone (Uke, seke, or semes) like to roleplay with any of my ocs?

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Anything is allowed from food play, BDSM, toys, exhibitionism, beastiality, and any other kinks that you’d like to have on here. I would prefer to not have scat or gore in this roleplay but everything else is completely fine.
Please state a profile, whether uke, seme, or seke either of the three are fine by me. If you’d like to play as the slime then please ask ahead.
This is what he looks kind of full body, I didn’t want to risk it being flagged since G+ practically hates me when it comes to pictures.
None of the artwork belongs to me just the roleplay.

“Have you heard about the new bar that opened?” “Yeah! I heard it’s full of monsters and that it’s for people who want to have sex with one.” “They’re apparently great! My brother went and he’s been with at least four monsters, he said it was amazing.”

You walked through school as everyone talked about the new bar that recently opened up in the downtown area which many were surprised was a huge hit. Many monsters have found a way to co-exist with humans, one of them being lovers and well humans were open about having a monster lover, some might be discreet about loving monsters but they would pay in hopes of having a bit of pleasure. Some monsters realized that this would actually work as a way to not only gain money, but to make some connections with humans. Of course it was controversial but people still wanted the bar, and so monsters built it. They had at least two of every kind of monster, varying from vampires to zombies to slime. Everyone in town, wanted to have a go whether they’d admit it or not. Including you and your friends, you were all interested of being able to see and maybe even go home with one of the monsters. You all discussed during lunch on how you’d get there determined to have at least one monster’s number or even, have sex with a monster to tell everyone about it. Your friends all placed a bet, seeing who’d be the first to actually have sex with a monster, the winner would get $100 dollars from the losers which would be around maybe $600 for the winner. You all nodded, prepared to head towards the bar at the night.

“Pst, hey, are you ready?”

You told your parents you were going to go to sleep early so you locked your room and hurried slipping out the window to join your friends who were waiting for you. The oldest of the bunch decided to drive his dad’s car so you all got to the bar rather quickly, surprised to see such a large line waiting as monsters filed in to get into the building and into their areas. Everyone oohed and awed, some screaming for some monsters to show their love and it was obvious that they were the best in the business. Soon it was silent as people murmured confused about someone named Alex, you and your friends glanced around confused wondering who this Alex was before a loud roar of cheers erupted. A small blob of slime making your friends and you glance at each other confused as since it was a blob, in fact for a while you all thought it was strange that people loved a blob. Well that was until it started to shift, it changed from a tentacle beast, to a plant, into a wolf, then a boy, girl, woman, then into a man, before it stayed in the form of a young male. It raised an eyebrow as everyone cheered before he smiled forming back into his blob then quickly went into the building.

“Everyone remember the rules, no forcing, no touching unless given permission, no kidnapping, or anything wrong. Do something like that and you’re out of here forever. Now enjoy your stay here at the Monsters and Fiends Bar.”

After he entered, a certain amount of people were ushered inside to meet their potential monsters, thankfully you and your friends were one of the first people to enter so you went in grinning excited and each of you were handed a pamphlet explaining each and every monster as well as what they do. You flipped through the pages reading it all before you got to the last few pages showing the elite monsters, the last with the highest rating was Alex the Slime Lover. It showed that it was indeed a he who was someone who was willing to do anything with his lover from shifting into someone or something they want to have sex with to being a monster, roleplaying, practically anything but scat and gore. Your friends eyes widened seeing that he was not only so open to anything but he was high rated in this bar, you all looked at each other knowing that you all had a target, Alex. Soon everyone hurried around trying to find the slime boy wanting to have the night of their lives if possible. As you went around you stopped near one of the bar’s to see him sitting on the counter as he drank as a client flirted with him, his harsh exterior making you all second guess that it was him. In the pictures he looked so sweet. The slime smirked softly as he shifted into a little girl swinging his legs as he cooed to the man before he flicked his forehead huffing. “Sorry bud, I’m not into blood.” The man whimpered but the slime soon left as your friends joined you to watch as he sat himself on one of the couches.

“If only someone wanted to sit with me. I’m so alone, and want some fun.”

* The slime pouted as he said this leaning back as he got another drink from the bartender. Everyone practically rushed to get to sit near him but you and your friends got there first making him raise an eyebrow but scan you all. Everyone soon started flirting, trying to get his number or even indicate that you all wanted to get something out of tonight. You glanced to see a ball floating inside of him, unconsciously reaching to grab it before you felt a hand stop you. Alex stared at you as he gently let go.* “Please don’t touch that, it’s keeping my form from bursting out.” You nodded as he scanned you before he laughed as he shook his head. “Aren’t you all too young to be here? You look like you’re all high schoolers.” He sipped from his drink as his appearance changed to be a kinder, his eyes a bright violet as he winked glancing around all of you. “So why don’t one of you tell me, what are you doing here with little ol’ me? And, each of you tell me your name. Why don’, go first?” He pointed at you as your friends all turned to you, mentally wishing you’d mess up so Alex wouldn’t be impressed. Alex smiled sweetly as he put his drink down, ice floating around inside of him before it melted as he winked. “I don’t bite hon, go ahead.” You…

Alex is open to anything as I’ve said, just not scat or gore. Alex can eat and drink things but after a while it just disintegrates since it’s technically not alive. If something’s inside of him and it has a pulse then it’ll be completely fine since his body recognizes that it’s someone.

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im not one for septiplier but why not

I am looking for a seme to do a septiplier roleplay with me. I will be Jack or anti (submissive).

They can either be-

I will make a starter unless you want to. My starters are not very good but I'll be better during the roleplay

Please read these rules-
Please have proper grammar
4+ lines (I'll try my best to match you)
Do be extremely dominant if we do darkxanti. But still be dominant if we do markxsean
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Would anyone like to do a ddlb roleplay? Looking for a dominant male that will punish my character if he misbehaves, can include sex
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((Part 6))

((The Alpha King and His Cherry Blossom))

my name was Sakura and I was your mate,your queen. You were cold and cruel to people who are lower than you and had a small harem of Omegas. It hurt me to know you slept with other Omegas and got them pregnant. We used to be so in love and I couldn't help but to be sad from the way you began treating me... you see a few years ago I fell sick and the sickness made me more fragile the most Omegas which caused problems with producing an Heir.... You came to my chambers every night after you slept with one of you whores and you'd turn around and lay with me even bed me trying to get me pregnant but every time it failed,it broke my heart as I watched The other Omega's raise the kids you gave them.

I laid in bed with my face buried in my pillow as I sobbed, I had just found out that you had marked another omega
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