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((Open rp, I am not dominant.))
((Please read all, you can be as aggressive as you want, and don't change the story line. Be descriptive as well please, describe your character in the rp, my character's name is Hunter, he is 19))

It was cold the night that we first met. The snow covered the ground thick that year, and I was left wandering alone. Lost. It was all by accident when I had taken the wrong turn in the woods, having been too cold to focus on the road any longer.
There were rumors of monsters in the forest, but having lived right next to it my life, I didn't really believe any of it. They were just stories.
That night I got off work late and I didn't have a very good jacket due to issues with money. Upset, and freezing, I kept going, hoping that I would find my way. Then I was surrounded.
I didn't even realize it at first until I was knocked to the ground. There was four of them. I was already so dizzy and weak I couldn't see them, but I was brought back to reality with the sudden pain as their fangs were driven into my skin. Vampires.
I should have died that day, but you came by attracted by the blood that covered the fallen snow as red as roses.
The four of them were starved for the most part, so they barely put up a fight against you. I was barely conscious, riding in pain from the venom that ran through my veins. You took me out of the woods, figuring that I would just bleed out and you would get rid of me then.
I never stopped breathing.
My wounds healed quickly, and the only reason you kept me with you is because you thought I might turn instead. The last thing anyone needed was another vampire out of control.
When I woke up though, it was apparent to you that I was still human. It seemed impossible because of the amount of venom I took. Even if it didn't turn me, I should have died. The only thing I got from it was a bad fever.

You kept coming back to keep tabs on me throuout the months and now I'm used to you randomly showing up in my home. Most of the time, I let you stay to protect you from both your kind, and mine, serving you in return for saving my life in small ways.
Other than you I was completely alone, having been disowned by my family a long time ago.
I had quite a few issues with my job as well that left me very self-conscious, then one day I eventually bring up to you that maybe I would have been better off if the venom did turn me.

"No one actually cares about me, you know. They seem to have forgotten I exist. I don't even know what I'm doing with my life half the time."
You got close to me before you realized I was bleeding somewhere. The sweet scent goes straight to your head, roaring up through your mouth and nose. You didn't tell me you were hungry, thinking that I might be afraid still, thus leading you to put little effort into fighting your craving.
I went silent as you pushed me up against the wall, holding me there as you bit into my neck.
The only thing you hear from me is the sound of heavy breathing. I didn't struggle against you, I just held on. When you pull away, I make eye contact, face flushed. I let the blood drip down to my chest, the pain only seeming to briefly put me in shock.
"You bit me..." I touch the red lines, looking back and forth from you and my hand. "That... that felt..."
I was a bit shocked still, but taking myself by surprise I pull you closer, looking down. My voice goes quiet and I tilt my head, exposing the other side. "D-do it again..."
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"Just because you don't like me, does not mean I'm a bad person. If anything, it makes you blind."

"I don't want to be a Prince, or a king! I just want to be me: Aaron Walton!"

Not too far from the dense forest of ancient trees with magic symbols protecting from evil, was a large, powerful kingdom named 'Lark'. The Lark family had always had a strong hatred for magic and its ways. It was so strong that King Phillips IIV created a strong barrier around the whole entire Kingdom; land, villages, the castle, everything and everyone were cut off from magic and it's beautiful capabilities. This sudden change in the way the world worked, of course, created a dark hatred towards the Larks.
For many years, The Circle of Witches tried and failed to shatter the barrier. Whatever made it, if it had been magic, dark forces, or something entirely new, was stronger than anything anyone had seen before. For generations after King Phillips IIV, more and more children never witnessed the greatness of magic. But that also meant that horrible stories and the fear of magic became something everyone behind that barrier had heard of or felt. No one had ever seen a man make thin air into a beautiful creature and then let that animal roam the forests which are brimmed with beasts only the imagination of a young, pure child could think of.
On a stormy, freezing night, a boy, with hair so light it was considered white, was born. Even at birth, his eyes were the colour of that same dense forest where magic had first been created. He was a normal baby, not magic, not evil, just normal. And that's what made him different. He was the Prince of a kingdom full of empty horror and burning hate, and, yet, the day he was born, he smiled with such happiness, it was like he had been made from the very magic that been forced out by the barrier. This boy was named Aaron Lark Marion Walton.
Of course, it wasn't long before this boy was corrupted by the ways of the throne. At three, he was forced to do things that were considered impossible for someone his age. By the age of four, he had already learnt every word in the his native language, and a couple other languages. He knew how to write in detail, how to read huge books in a day, maybe two. He was never a child, just a prince.
Aaron was a rebilous teenager, but not to his parents; his parents terrified him and he hated it. He forced tutors to give him extra time on certain projects so he wouldn't have to be around his family for days, maybe weeks. When he went horse riding, he blackmailed servants into lying for him when his parents asked for his presence. That was when he met an older stables boy and his desire for the hot, passionate feeling of skin against skin began. A desire that would drive him insane when he was unable to fulfil it.

Aaron ran a perplexed hand through his soft, light hair. His father's words echoed in his mind, taking over his thoughts with anger. "What in the world is he thinking by getting me a personal guard to stop me from having sex with men? The man is a complete lunatic."
The Prince sighed as he left his chambers, walking with an enraged state of mind towards the throne room to meet this 'guard'. As he walked, he came past a familiar face, an younger boy who works as a butler in the castle. He had a nice face, soft, clean features. Aaron thought for a couple seconds before stopping in front of him, amusement filling him as he watched the young boy's face become red.
"Hello there. I just wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed our time together the other night." Aaron reached out, tracing a few fingers down the butler's cheek with a seductive gaze. "I hope we can dine together another night."
Aaron left after blowing a gentle kiss in his direction. It took him a few more minutes before he reached his destination; two large doors, lined with gold and over the top descriptions of battles that hardly happened. The blond took a deep breath before entering the room.
"Father, I have arrived. Who is this guard you want me to be around for the rest of my life?" Aaron inquired with a hollow, emotionless voice. His green eyes made contact with dull, bored eyes and he tilted his head, smirking slightly. "You look so bored, dear. Has my father already driven you insane?"
Aaron smirked as he glanced up at his father, the King of Larks. He was a man in his sixties, with neatly trimmed grey hair, and beard. He wore a crown made from the melted weapons of great warriors, and a pure black cloak, made with the finest materials, that had a thousand Lark feathers sewn into it; Aaron had always thought that that cloak was simply stupid.

The King grumbled before straightening in his throne. "This man is my best warrior. He is now your guard. He has been with me since he was seven, and has never shown interest for men. He will be with you until you are married to Elizabeth Karriea Iven Pelotis."
"Oh, yes. The woman with the non existent breasts and teeth that look like a dead animal. I would love to get married to her, and I would never show interest for another man when my spouse is as beautiful as she," Aaron said with an obvious sarcastic tone, smiling. The king rolled his eyes and gestured for them to leave.
Aaron took one look at the guard before scoffing and leaving the throne room, the man closely following.

"Do you have a name, dear?" Aaron asked once they reached his chambers, turning around to face the emotionless guard.
The guard stayed silent for a few more moments before simply saying, "______"
"______?" Aaron bit his lip, looking up at the guard with seductive, desire filled green eyes. "This man is going to become mine" He smiled. "That's a rather cute name."

▪Seme needed.
▪No text talk.
▪ Please use proper grammar
▪If you don't meet my standard, I will delete the role play
▪3 lines+ is recommended. 2+ is sometimes okay. Absolutely no 1 liners.
▪Ask for reposts
▪When asking for permission, please say 'Spoilt Prince'. So I know you have read it all.
▪Expect to be asked for a character description.

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Felix laid on his side, his horns wrapped tightly in burlap sacks, his jaws bound in a sort of make shift muzzle. An arrow stuck out of his hip, the wound wrapped in a cotton shirt. His hooves and hands bound by rough rope, his tail whipping around behind him in anger. The carriage he was ridding in came to a halt and the back was opened, eliciting an angered hiss from the demon. His tail whipped about as two burly men dressed in hunter's gear grabbed his bound feet and carried him to a barn, laying him down in a warm pile of hay. A horse in the next stall lifted it's head, peering over the divider to stare at the demon. The hunters grabbed his head, making him kick violently as they forced a halter on him, forcing his head to be held still. Then, they cut the binds feet, leaving his hands tied, backing up as the demon tried to stand, favoring his injured leg leaking thick black sludge. His eyes flashed completely black as he snarled. The hunters left, locking the stall he was bound in.

In the later hours, a man had pulled the arrow out of his hip and fixed his leg, drugging the demon with heavy pain killers. Now that the demon was laid out, calmed by the meds, a man dressed in silk garments entered the stall, the hunters bowing. Clearly this man was of high importance. The demon snarled weakly, but was too drugged up to do much else.

"We found him in the forest while hunting wild boar. We figured he has something to do with the missing villagers, sire."

The demon furrowed his eyebrows, not knowing anything about missing humans.

"My wife says he is a mix of a death demon and an incubus. She used to work with demons in her early days."

((Seme needed. Something I whipped up really quickly. You could be one of the hunters or the king and you can be any species you wish. Human, fae, elf, just not too over powered. Do whatever you wish and you can ask questions. Please no text talk. No emojis and proper spelling. Please more then one line.))

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(Open Ended RP, male only please (unless your character is male)
!WARNING, VIOLENT CONTENT! My character is not abusive!

"When you put the mask on, nobody knows who you are. But that doesn't change the way they treat you."

The government was against us, they saw us as inhuman. They're goal was to make sure the normal people around us never knew we existed.
We were called Razors, the refugees, those who escaped this underground cooperation. They meant to destroy us, one family at a time.
The only thing that makes us less was our abilities. Kids as young as five discovered powers they received genetically. It didn't matter how little they were, the people who worked for this government company were ruthless. The more brutal, the better, just in case they should come back. Everyone knows a second death is more painful than the first.

Years ago, I was one of those victims. I watched my family tortured and murdered before it was my turn. I should have died left to drown in my parents blood, but it was because of you that I didnt. I still remember when you pulled me out of that mess.

We were best friends when we were younger. You knew my parents, my older siblings, and I knew yours.
You, of course, didn't know about my powers until that night. I was forced into hiding because of that incident. My aunt had come for me.

Every so often I would still come to see you. I grew distant, unreachable emotionally. One day I came to you to say goodbye. That was also the day I finally admitted my feelings for you. I told you it was wrong for me to keep you back with my bad ptsd and depression, keeping you on your toes with being found out about. They would come back for me, and you would be in harm's way for keeping me hidden. I kissed you that day, and you haven't heard from me since.

That was when we were fifteen.

Four years later there was a terable force that threatened this underground company. He was untouchable, untraceable. No fingerprints were ever left behind, and no one has ever seen my face due to different masks that were never worn more than once. He went by Osiris, and he always managed to sabotage missions, helping those with abilities escape the companies grasp, and injuring many of their 'soldiers' in the process. He, was me.
You know this because you ended up a spy, standing in on the inside of this cooperation. They considered you a mission planner more than a soldier. That way you had no part in the field activities, but you had access to all of the recourses and files You could imagine.
You also knew it was me because you knew what my ability was; my secret was that I could borrow abilities from other Razors, that's what made me so untraceable. It was just never the same, much like my masks.

You set up a file, leading to an old warehouse, attaching termination plans and signatures, along with a family whose name has been in the system for years. You knew I was getting information from the computer base. I had rescued a master hacker once.

You also knew I would come scout out the area before putting other Razors in danger.
I was searching the warehouse for preparations, just in case. What I hadn't realized is that you had set up EMPs to interrupt connection with my group. No mind readers, no transporters could get past.

I find you quick enough, cutting too many close calls. I wasn't going to leave any chances open. After a brief battle, your training and a little bit of chance turns to your favor. You stand behind me, pinning my hands to the wall.
"Hello, Raizo (my name)."

I breathe heavily from the excitement, blue eyes staring back at you full of anger behind my mask. My voice was muffled, coming out with venom. "Hello... old friend."

((Alright, I would like a pretty descriptive partner, no text talk, no furries, please make some kind of difference between a character's actions and what they're saying. Ask for a pp if you want one (not on hangouts) and describe your character and name briefly. (Don't send me a profile because I won't remember it.) His name is Raizo, he's 19, blue eyes, black brown hair. Please also don't respond if you aren't interested in the story line as well as the romance factor, and it doesnt necessarily have to be romance involved, so just let me know. Thanks!))
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Anyone want to do a Destiel or a Sabriel roleplay??

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Anyone want to do a Destiel rp? looking for seme Dean.
Dean was not in a good mood. He and Cas had been on a hunting trip after a nest of Vampires for three days now, and he was getting more and more frustrated at the fact that they had still found nothing.

He was currently looking through the case files again, trying to figure out where the nest could be located and Cas was, as usual, no where to be found.

Dean groaned and shut his laptop, walking into the bathroom for a shower. Once he emerged, clothed only in a towel around his waist, he walked over to his suitcase to grab some clothes. He turned back around, coming face to face with an angel where one had previously not been.

"Fucking damn it Cas! What did i just tell you about that?"

"Hello dean. My apologies for scaring you. I have located the nest."

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It happened to a village. It was attacked by the enemy from another land. They had killed men while they kidnapped the women and children. One child got separated from his mother and was shipped to another place to be sold. He had a collar and chain at the selling block. He could smell the beer from the salesperson as he spoke.

One child from far away village! He is talented. $400! I repeat, $400!

[I need someone is going to be rough with this child. Nothing sexual will be done, so do not ask for that. Got a strict character as a Master? Let me know if you are interested.]
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Thatcher walked silently down the rode, soft tan skin inked with images of sigils, animals, and stars. His body was covered in a soft red button up tucked into black jeans. Casual, but slightly fancy. He ran his hands through his thick black hair braided down his back. His golden green eyes sparkled in the setting sun, deep indigo irises reflecting the painted sky as he approached the house, stepping up the wooden stairs and onto a covered porch. Before even lifting his hand to knock, the door swung open.

Thatcher sat down at a small wooden table, looking up at his friend that had called him here. He watched the bigger man's back as he moved about the kitchen, fixing a cup of hot chocolate. Thatcher looked off to the side, eyes glancing back and forth over the neat pine bookshelves, stained a deep red. He looked up, hearing his friend walk into the room, setting down a mug of hot chocolate in front of him. He smiled gently, taking a sip.

Thatcher has always seen the man in front of him as a friend, a partner in crime. Lovers was off the table and they had discussed this before, but the man smiling gently from across the table had other ideas. Seeing Thatcher drink half the mug, the casual talk slowly toning down. The man lifted his guests hand to his lips, pressing his lips to the back of Thatcher's hand. He shook his head and got up, barring his teeth softly. He took a broad step and his eyesight went blurry, grasping the door frame. The man behind him got up, watching Thatcher try to catch his breath and right himself, his chest growing tight and his face growing hot. He stumbled weakly, the man behind him grabbing his forearm as Thatcher collapsed against his chest, head tilted back and eyes barely open.

"W-what did you put in my drink...?"

Based off Fifty Shades of Ghoul by Crown Clown Cosplay on YouTube. You can watch the video first if you want. You choose where you want to go with this. A sex dungeon? A soft night in bed? Hypnosis? A sex slave? I don't really care.

Seme needed
Decent spelling, grammar, and for the love of god, please put apostrophes in your conjunctions. Don't, not Dont. Can't, not Cant.

Answer these for a private post:
What beverage did Thatcher drink?
What was the bookcase made off?
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the sea is deeper than you think

Hey cinden, sora don't swim that far up. erenal called to his two younger brothers, chasing after them. Up through the crack that hid their home from the humans he followed the two boys. They were the aquana, humanlike creatures that had gained some powers through living at the bottom of the sea for centuries. A sirenlike singing voice to lure victims in, the ability to manipulate the energy close around them, and the ability to drain the life of things so they can live forever. Few people lived to know what they were, but some still hunted them. To put them on display for the world to see.

as the boys neared the surface of the water, the shadow of a ship passed above them, the younger boys not seeing the net about to ensnare them get away you fools! he yelled and shoved them out of the way, getting tangled in the net as the boys looked at him scared. Bit by bit the net was hauled up, the fisherman shocked at what they caught
The hell is this? I bet we can get a good price for this one. one man said with a smirk. Erenal growled and swung the triton in his hand, breaking the net and sending him tumbling out onto the deck. His heavy water ladened hair weighed him down so he couldn't stand, but he did try to attack the men. There was yelling, a harsh pain in his arm and side, and then darkness
hours later the vessel was overtaken by humanitarians who found the illegal vessel in protected waters. One of the men went into the cargo hold and found the hurt aquana in a tub of water, his arm and side both halfassed in care. His side had a piece of a harpoon stuck in it, and the arm wound had been shot. The poor guy was still out cold from both the drugs given and the pain. They quickly gathered him and took everything back to a safe recovery aquarium where he could be taken care of

a few days later erenal weakly opened his eyes, and frowned slightly as he stared at yns face. Yn was a vet who worked at the aquarium and was currently taking care of erenal. After a while he noticed ere awake and smiled before saying...

//random idea I had in my head for a while. The pictures down there are as close as I can get for now. Erenal is about 5'11, and has long dark hair that reaches his ankles. Hidden in his hair are waist length tentacles (like an octopus or squid) the same color as his hair. Usually those grab onto anything and everything including his triton and crown And just hide them in the mess. Erenal will act kinda mean and stuck up for a while since he personally doesn't like humans and finds himself better than them, but if you work at it he will give in and drop his kingly act and be nicer. Your character is up to you, but at least over 18 for him please.
//and a small edit, erenal is basically a king/prince/leader to his kind. he doesnt have horns, gray skin or other colored blood like homestuck trolls dispite me using those pics. its as close as i can get until i can make something more official.
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anyone wanna do a DDLB RP? i need a Daddy if so.
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