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Aemilia Winterguard has now become a reality! Please support and spread the word! LGBT Fantasy series now available for kindle ebook!

Im am not gay i am not steight i am not bisexual im am not trans and i dont have any other sexuality i am human so why label mr because i dont like men i like wemen i dont label u so plz dont labe me im human just like u and i have the same rights as u so plz dont judge me or my brothers and sisters of the lgbt were all equal

Hai, I am helping my friend find someone. If you are a girl within the ages of 14-18 and you are interested in other girls please message me and i will introduce you to them. (They are genderfluid)

Hey. I don't like going by my name so I go by Raven (if you want my real name I will tell you probably) and I am 16. I'm in a relationship right now but I wouldn't mind having some friends that were like me and won't look at me different. I don't really us hangout cause my parents don't know that I am bi. 15-18


Hi My name is Kayla. I'm bi. If anyone want to talk feel free to message me ~no older than 19~

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Come and listen to me on Vent, the most vibrant and supportive social network! My username is Brassknuckles. It's useful and help's people with issues.

Hey .....


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i had to do this 😭😭😭😭
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