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SumBodyArt’s Home Coming- Australia

SumBodyArt’s UV Bodypainting Performance for National Competition at the Australian BodyArts Awards (Rehearsal Test Painting)

It was amazing being back home and being at ABAA for the first time as an instructor and competing as an artist with my incredible model Jessy Spin.

We got the best model performance award, Jessy really rocked the house as the Goddess of the Universe.

A New Dawn- We Are Devine Spiritual Awakening of our Universe within all of us! Open your eyes, your mind, body and spirit to Ascension! You can dream it, you can actualize it into reality.

We made so many new friends who shared the same creative passion of BodyPainting and performance at ABAA. Can’t wait to come back again soon!

😊💟🎨🌌 Wing Sum Diana Chan
Sum Body Art

ABAA Australian Body Art Awards & Conventions

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Jessy Spin

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Happy face paint time!
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These Artists portrayed terrible, fantastical, or morbid imagery.
Most terrifying paintings made by top rankings painters.

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awesome body art on naked females

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awesome body art on belly.......

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I finally have time to catch up on my photos and YouTube Video for SumBodyArtLive after a very full on two months of BodyPainting every weekend. :)

Now reliving some of our moments from SumBodyArt's Journey back at WBF 2015 with my lovely model friend Barbara Wegener, loving husband assistant and photographer Karsten Voigt and my muse Luna!

It is not until I compiled the video together, did I realise and remember how much fun I had with my model. How wonderful it was to have made so many new friends with the same love of bodypainting and art! Thanks Tobias Spranger for capturing the most surreal and magical photos for us!
Thanks everyone who were there with us at WBF 2015. Can't wait til next year to meet my friends and be home again in Austria!:)

Thanks World Bodypainting Festival! :) Sum Body Art

Here is the link to the video of Day 1 WBF competition. Thanks Lora Tulchinskii and model for the dance with us backstage! And my personal favourite of the day was Megan Bubblez Wylie's creation, which is also featured in the video too! :)

Please free feel to tag any artists or models you can recognise too! :) Wing Sum Diana Chan 

P.S.Thanks Diamond FX for the awesome love and support for my art. Can't live without your DFX paints, brushes, feather lashes and cosmetic glues! :) xx

This is a test. I am writing this post to test out how #hash  tags work. #blackandwhite  

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So I did this painting on my daughter when we were going to have a family day out at the zoo. She had a fun day, but some people from the zoo saw the photo, and now I have been invited to paint someone as a cheetah and they will place the person in the cage with 3 cheetahs. The photos will be used for a advertisement campaign.

Doing the practice test this weekend (to make sure cheetahs do not freak out). This is going to be a awesome project!
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