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Name: Ticci Toby
Bio: Crazy, Romantic, Kind, And Strong
Teacher: Slender
Lives in: town
Side: Slender's
Origin:Ticci Toby (toby Rogers) got the ticci nickname from kids who made fun of him at school because of his Tourette's syndrome. 

His story is typical unremarkable creepypasta stuff, poor picked on kid born of a loveless marriage, drunken dad who thought it was cool to beat everybody half to death, wife didn't do anything to get herself and the kids away from the abuse. Toby's sister died in a car accident. Shortly after that, Slender Man got into Toby's mind and caused him to become violent so that he killed his dad. Then Toby fled the authorities with the help of his new master, Slendy. 
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name: Clicker
age: 14
bio: Clickers real name was Nataly, she was already having problems with her anger and urges, but no one knew so they always bullied and pushed her around. One day she had missed her appointment with her therapist and her anger got the best of her. Before the kid knew it he had a pencil jabbed in his jugular.Nataly stared in mute excitement as the kid bled out, then the realization hit her like a brick, everyone was screaming as she fled the room all that was left of her was her phsycotic laughter.
 teacher: none
lives in: an abandoned building outside of town
side: slender
origin: Clicker makes a soft clicking noise that tells the person of interest that they are close to there demise and the clicking sound resonates around in all directions

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Name: Jessalyn Jerius
Bio: she won't say until she is closer
Personality: Mysterious, weird, insane and creepy at times
Teacher: Jane
Lives in: Town
Side: Slender. 
Origin: Sister killed everyone in her family, forcing Jessalyn to watch the brutal murdering of her loved one. The sister got away and Jessalyn decided that if anyone wants to touch her they will die.

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i dont know but awesome

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Hey there its me Toby...
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