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I'll be attending Southeast Linux Fest in Charlotte, NC, on June 20-22, and am interested in meeting anyone from the Ubuntu Virginia LoCo who might be there as well.

For more information:

Please let me know.


how do I put my name in for the southwest Regional Representatives? I've clicked that link on the wiki page but I can not add my name to the list....

How about a Hampton Roads meetup next Saturday, 11 jan. 2014? I have been without Ubuntu for a couple weeks, slow death on my trusty hp. I installed 12.10 on my new box and I am ready to move out of my Linux newbie phase.

I want to get a group going in Hampton Roads? Lets meet at a coffee shop.

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Anyone going to be on IRC tonight?

I was hoping we could get one or two release events happening for the Oct 17th Saucy release.

Recently the loco-contacts list had a long thread about “Re-Energizing LoCo Teams” [1] and I thought that some Saucy/13.10 Release Events [2] could help with that effort and posted a couple suggestions on what I think could be done.  I would like to see a combination of presentations, and checking in with various LoCo’s via Google Hangouts.  
One thing I should point out is a bit of confusion about the channel. I have seen it posted in various places as (has a dot) and #ubuntu-us-va (all dashes) and the team naming standard,, says it is supposed to be ubuntu-us-va.

1. Jono’s start of the thread:
Aug thread index:
Sept thread index

Sorry everyone about not going to the meet today but had some things pop up last minute.

I probably can't make next Wednesday's Hangout because of travel commitments, but I'm glad to see this LoCo restarted.  Every machine in the house (except the Amahi server) is running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.  That said, I've been growing a bit frustrated with 12.04 -- on every machine it seems to be slowing down and acting quirky.  Yes, I've cleaned out the cruft (with Ubuntu Tweak), but that makes no difference.  With every update, it seems to get a bit quirkier.  If it were just one machine, I could explain it away; but that fact that all machines are suffering more or less the same symptoms makes me wonder...

Hello everyone Glad to finally get to chat with others in the state of VA on ubuntu.
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