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All the New Features of Artlantis 6.5 in one great #NovedgeWebinar .

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New 3D models Free Download Collection - Bathroom Appliance
(Format: MAX, C4D, SKP, OBJ, 3DS and etc available)

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Announcing TBC 2017 : The Butterfly Cabin 3DA Challenge 18
March 1, 2017 and ending May 15, 2017 at midnight GMT.
All entrants must Enter by April 15, 2017 by posting their first milestone concept in the forum as outlined by the Contest Rules and Deliverables.

[You will provide a minimum of one exterior rendering showing the cabin in the environment/setting and one interior rendering depicting life within that cabin within the environment you created. You may provide additional images if you wish.]

Create your ideal setting for the "The Butterfly Cabin" dwelling you are given digitally in 3D. It should portray that which is inspirational about rustic architecture/life style and touches us on some subconscious level. The emphasis should be on the context of the residence in an "appropriate" picturesque location.

Please remember to JOIN and LIKED cebas Visual Technology so we can keep you posted: and


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#ArchitectureVisusalization has its challenges.You might want to check out SiNi Software for #3dsMax. #NovedgeWebinar #Architecture #BIM #3Dmodeling #LandscapeArchitecture #InteriorDesign

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Villa NK (Android Interactive)

The Villa NK Mobile Interactive app has been published on the Google Play Store.

Direct APK Download

The application has the following features;
- 360 images
- Virtual Reality Access
- Floor Plan that shows the layout of the building
- Walk Mode for navigation
- Modify mode to change materials and object types with a Color Switcher
- Color Saving
- Cinematic Tour
- Quick location Change
- Interactive Menu

Created by Okolie Uchechukwu
Software - Revit Architecture + 3ds Max + Vray + Unreal

Watch the 360 video here:

Download the Virtual Reality App

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pabellón solar, felix candela, ciudad de mexico, ciudad universitaria UNAM,

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A great tool for #ArchitecturalVisualization. Check out SiNi Software on our next #NovedgeWebinar!
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