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You can record your iPhone or iPad screen with you Mac - using QuickTime! Try it out today - SUPER simple and valuable tool! 

My kids have really enjoyed using story kit on the iPad to create books during writing time. During reading they have been very engaged using the HMH reader app. My lower readers can have books read to them as they follow along and then try to read it themselves.

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Great day of learning today with the Elementary iPad Pilot teachers: +Courtney Abels +Chavis Clawson +Ashley Allen +Charissa Craft and +Alicia Newett! We started with basics in iPads and MacBooks and talking about what our classrooms might look like as a result of the pilot.

Together we are going to Learn-Use-Grow and I can't wait to see all of the work this team accomplishes! This pilot is a Grades 1-2 tablet (1-1) take-home device evaluating the iPad and Nexus 7 devices.

One of our big topics was the use of blogging (KidBlog) in the classroom. I will definitely have to blog about some of the ideas tonight.

If you have great resources for iPads, please be sure to share! 
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