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Rule 3: No god modding.

Rule 4: Hentai not permitted. Your characters can develop relationships but keep it to hangouts unless it directly influences the current situation

Rule 5: No Meta Gaming

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Rule 7: Players cannot force events to happen or resolve because another player is un able to respond

Rule 8: Oc's may not be killed or wounded without their owner's permission.

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Rule 10: Respect each other: I would like to say now, I expect people will have different and sometimes could be considered vulgar ideas. Everyone is free to engage in these ideas. However no one can force someone else to change their ideas regardless if they are wrong or their ideas are uncivilized.

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[[ Short post ]]

*The ANP makes a change to it's initial declaration in promoting further autonomy in the Asteauistan region. It's first step towards enacting this policy to its' fullest extent being the establishment of and the reparation of provincial railways and roadways, some of which are going to be shifted into toll roads to establish a solid Asteauistani provincial budget and reverse the climbing (though not entirely severe) debt.*

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Motto: "We provide goods to this nation so we know where our shipments be sent."

Full Name: Party of the Distribution of Equal Products

Leader: Cedric Anderson

Manifesto/basic beliefs:
Believes the nation improve on foreign relation
Industrialization is required in this nation
Manufacturing of any products

Allies: TBD

Enemies: TBD

Overview: POTDOEP known to be a well known company striking their eyes on resources and profit in Malkarissia as Cedric interest on this newly form nation making his deployment to create this party. Due to this party making possible good ties with foreign companies and PMCS they control all trading routes and production of goods in Malkarissia.

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Malkarissia Electoral Map

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Cedric once known to great industries for his old days of arms dealing leading to this newly form nation he came due to his arrival he went to work he currently formed the POTDOEP and have gain control of Gegharkunick of it harbor and area of industrialization that make it a keen spot for Cedric formation of the POTDOEP. The POTDOEP industries in Gegharkunick are producing hand guns, rifles, and shotguns to foreign countries bordering Malkarissian. New customers could be made just a phone call away.

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The Orthodox begins sweeping the nation with churches being set up in many towns and villages.The Orthodox aqquires a Tv and radio station to broadcast sermons and a talkshow on the radio.

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The Orthodox television broadcast is put onto cheap tvs for its patrons when not able to go to sermons.The Orthodox also silently prepares to hire guards for the Orthodoxes capital.

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Orthodox churches across Malkarissa seemed to be being vandalized.The Orthodox dislikes this and prepares to set up higher security.

The Orthodox requests that the militaries men are to join in weekly sunday sermons.They asked to do this give the armies men something to fight for if things collaspe.

*It is that time of year again. Local elections across the province of Asteauistan have begun.*

*While the position of Mayor of a district is not as powerful as some of the homogeneous familial bonds (which put forward patriarchs and matriarchs as ruling bodies), it still holds some influence. All rural regions of Asteauistan have elected ANP leaders, with 79% of the electoral districts of the city of Sia and 66% of the city of Dagesta voting ANP members into office.*

*As a result, the ANP officials have, since they were elected, begun collaboration to strengthen the infrastucture of Asteauistan. Roads are being built, alongside electric power lines and plumbing. Emergency services are being provided to all of the two urban environments in Asteauistan, and the Asteauistani Rural Wilderness Protection Service has been created to provide emergency services in rural areas (in response to disasters like wildfires and landslides)*

*An update; the roads being built have now linked Sia and Dagesta. They are currently being heavily used.*

*The local government would also like to request of the neighboring regional government permission to build through neighboring districts to connect Asteauistani roads to the main network.*
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