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(Elfen Lied rp)

Izura had been starring for half an hour now, listening to her go on and on about being sorry for killing his parents. It was starting to get creepy. Her voice was so remorseful and the tears in her eyes made him want to... do something. Izura couldn't bring himself to turn away. That pink hair brought back the memories he had lost many years back. Something just snapped in him when she tried to leave and Izura wrapped his arms around her. I can't forgive you for killing my sister, or for murdering my dad. But something Inside me still hangs onto the lost little girl who I met so long ago. Part of me loves you and I can't let you go! I just want to end the bloodshed. After that, she...

((Romance Rp
Need someone to play Lucy
As a show of reading the story and the rules, what is my character's name?))
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Hi guy's please join my friends Community, because he would like that :-)

Ok who has a good rp because I got nothing :-P

Name: Grim Reaper and/or King Reaper Of Arendelle (Yeah I married Quêên Êlsa So what)
Age: 26

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My assassin's creed character
Name:Caine Hanning Norman
Weapons:Hidden Blades,Sword and Dagger,4 Flintlock Pistols,Sleeping Poison Bezerk Darts,Rope Darts,Fist
where I'm from:Ireland
Organization:Assassin's Order(Formerly) Templar Brotherhood(Formerly)
Bio:Once An Assassin who thought taking ancient artifacts and taking down innocents were a good thing until the assassin's had attack Ireland so I stole their secrets joined my former enemy the Templars and from there I moved to Arendelle to protect there land but I left the Templars as well when I discovered that they wanted to force Ireland to do slave work so I don't trust no one
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Name: Venus "Vee"

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Weapon: tessens, Katana and chi magic/powers.

Bio: I was mutated in Japan with my sisters- Lara, Amly and Taly. Then one day, Shredder killed my Sensei- so I was forced to go to New York.
I then met the guys and their sensei. The guys treat me like a sister, but sometimes they can be... Over protective... Especially Splinter.... Anyways- I noticed that shredder followed me to New York, so my mission is to end Shredder.
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Name: John-238
Sex: Male
Height: 7'4"
Weight: 185 (without armor)
Bio: I'm a Spartan-II that has survived many battles throughout history and my specialty is Heavy weapons. My primary weapons are dual SMGs with a D-series magnum (from halo 1) and a Jackhammer Rocket launcher. I'm available at most times when ever needed.

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Powers:Energy Waves,can go Super Saiyan 1-3,Can transform into an oozaru(Great Ape)
Bio:A Saiyan From Planet Vegeta Came To Earth For The Search Of Dragon Balls To Wish For A New Planet Vegeta For Which I will be the king and my not biological sister will be my Queen

Name: Okara
Powers:Energy Waves,can go Super Saiyan 1-2,Can transform into an oozaru(Great Ape)
Bio:A Saiyan From Planet Vegeta Came To Earth with my not biological brother Beetroo who wants to find the dragon balls to restore a new planet vegeta which he can be king and I'll be queen and we have a sexual relationship
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walks reading a news paper "I might work there".

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Name: Sonic
Species: Hedgehog
Age: 20
Bio: worlds fastest,Super sonic hedgehog that loves adventure

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