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Quick drawing of my magi OC!

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My magi oc :3 Drawn by me
Name: Kaiha Bomani
Gender: Female
Height: 5'
Weight: 48kg
Personality: Kaiha is generally a very friendly and approachable person, although , because she was brought up in a very rural and desolate place, she does not feel comfortable around people of very high status and crowds. She can often be quiet due to this, but when she gets comfortable with someone, she will often show her personality which is very bubbly and sweet. If Kaiha sees anyone in trouble, she will always go and try to help them, no matter how dangerous the risk. She often thinks of herself as brave because of this, and feels proud of that part of herself.
Affliation: Heliohapt (former)
Occupation: Magician, traveler
Detail on magic: Specializes in heat and lightning magic, staff is tucked in her scarf around her hips (see picture)
Bio: Kaiha was born in the Heliohapt kingdom in the countryside on a farm. She helped out with it, but would usually spend her time with her grandma listening to her stories about her days while traveling. Kaiha's family all specialised in magic, but no one really took it seriously. When she turned 12, she decided to follow in her grandma's footsteps and travel the world with her gecko, Momo, improving her magic along the way. She then met Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana on her travels to Sindria
Other: Her type is someone who is understanding. Her favourite food is beef. She has claustrophobia. She is unable to read.
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