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Ingress First Saturday in Norwich, 7th October.

I might try and get to this one..anyone else interested?

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Please reshare.

Important announcement. Agent mvs316, Lee Murray, has been reported missing for the last four days, and is now considered to be a missing person by the police. If you have any information on his whereabouts in the last four days please contact Northampton police with any information you may have. Thankyou.

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Sitrep: Operation Blue Badger Trail -- 23/04/2017

In the small hours of Saturday morning, Cambridge was coated by a rather ugly green field, much to our dismay. But after the last round of key swaps during the day, we were prepared for our turn come the next morning.

06:15: @pal1664 kicks things off early, taking down the last friendly blockers to the north, before making way to the southern anchor.
08:00: @Wendex1 clears a path through the eastern fields.
08:30: All three teams are assembled at their starting points, and the first field goes up -- 93,200 MU!
09:00: Power issues with @BardofEly's scanner leaves the east team hindered for keys, but that won't stop us.
09:05: The illuminator badgers start rolling in!
09:15: Cambridge is covered by 12 layers, totalling around 1.1 million MU. Unfortunately the alarm had been raised, and the current north-west anchor is contested by ENL @TheManeEvent.
09:20: Layers going down, blockers going up, we prime our secret weapon. @Tafkawac is unleashed, tailing TME to clear the offending links, whilst the rest of the team proceed with the plan.
09:45: @G1zza captures the 7th illuminator badger.
10:00: Checkpoint!
10:05: The outermost field goes up, 96.9K MU. 30 layers were thrown in total, of which an estimated 19 layers are left standing, influencing 1.9M MU.
10:20: ENL @Bellinghman arrives down south, and is given a run for his money by @pal1664.
10:50: ENL @FatmanRich starts clearing our efforts over to the east.
11:05: The last of the fields are down.
11:15: @Tafkawac finally gets a few fields in. A whole 75 MU of them.
12:00: We congregate back in Cambridge for Sunday lunch. Of course, a Cambridge Resistance op wouldn't be complete without the finest cake from master baker @Rainitium.

Many thanks to all involved. RES agents on the scene:
@CamSenji (gained Gold Illuminator)
@G1zza (gained Onyx Illuminator)
@iceycarter (gained Gold Illuminator)
@NeverSeenByDay (gained Gold Illuminator)
@pal1664 (gained Gold Illuminator)
@Terrance (gained Platinum Illuminator)
@ZagreusTheThird (gained Silver Illuminator)

Special thanks(?) to @TheManeEvent for bringing some questionable excitement to the, err, main event...

#CamRes +Home Guard - Resistance UK +Ingress
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It's Bannertime.
As I was going to St Ives, I met a man with 18 missions, each mission had about 7 portals, each portal had one or two hacks,
Hacks, smashes, deploys and fracks how many Uniques did you get?

A bit of a mess and some repetition but a nice walk.

Thanks to +Simon Hull for Guinea Pigging!



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Hello agents. Im happy ro join in this comunity. My agent name is ikku and im are lvl8. Im are from Barcelona spain. Everyone is free for check in my perfil. Active agent playing in a resistance squad in Vilanova I la geltru Barcelona. Im continue with portal keys and hangouts squad team defending Vilanova and Barcelona. Im living now in Peterborough and im playing in Peterborough city now. Im happy for can join in some squad in Peterborough and still continue playing here.

Is this group still active? My boyfriend and I are agents active in Peterborough and would like to make a Resistance squad for our local area!

I shall be visiting Wed evening - is the LOTR banner still available and can it be done in a single evening? Thanks

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In what may be the longest slog of levelling to date, 4 years and 4 days in the Resistance faction and I can finally relax at L16.

I've picked up the pace significantly in the last year or so, getting a proper taste of anomalies, Mission Days and First Saturdays, along with an increasing number of RES and x-faction meetups. Though I'm ultimately an introvert at heart, the meets have always been a great experience, and it's interesting to have such a diverse group of people working towards the same (or opposing!) goals.

Oh, and I suppose I should offer my thanks to all the frogs that splashed some colour in the gardens -- of course, the gardens contain enough green already, so maintaining the blue became a full-time operation...

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