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Name: Shao Yao
Age: 20
Animal: Red Panda
Job: Waitress
Personality: Shy, cheerful, helpful, protective
Bio: I work at a small diner in Downtown Zootopia, which serves a variety of foods, represented by the attire the employees wear each day. I live in a small apartment, down the road from a market, and within walking distance to my favorite park. I enjoy salty foods, thunderstorms, and quiet walks with friends at night, and am always ready to make a new friend.

All right everyone! I need some activity! start psting profiles and get to rping!

I slip through the alley ways of the city,slowly making my way to the Rain forest district. Moon-light illuminates the white patches of my fur and creates a ghostly outline around my body. My blue eyes glow slightly in contrast to the shadows that obscure my face. I come to a stop,taking a moment to stare at the moon, the shadows vanquished by the white light of the moon.

Name: Jenny Wulf
Nickname: Jen
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personalty: Kind, helpful, flirty
Species: Wolf
Sexuality: Lesbian
Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, and writing
Job: doesn't have one yet.
Appearance: White fur with warm red eyes

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Name: Alex Fitzgerald
Nickname: Quinton or Ethan (He uses those as fake names)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personalty: Sly, Rude, Short tempered, and overall not nice
Species: Fox
Sexuality: Gay
Hobbies: Drawing, Reading, and writing
Job: Doesn't want one
Bio: He was always alone so he started to draw by himself.
He hates Everyone so its no use getting along with him.
His Mom disappeared when he was 10 and his dad died when he was 12. (Random fact) His favorite drink is coffee (That is sweet)
((+kitty anime))
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Name: Moina Citrusbane
Nickname: MiMi
age: 15
Animal: Calico cat
Relationship status: Single (straight)
Job: none
Personality: Clever, shy, very self-conscious, fast, agile, and a surprisingly good fighter for her small size. She likes reading,singing,drawing, and playing instruments.
Bio: She lived with her parents in the Rainforest zone,though, they disappeared a few years ago and she has been on her own since then, her grandparents pay the bills since she refused to leave the house. She wants to be a writer and an animator.

Job: ( if old enough. 16 is old enough for work)
Must have a picture.
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