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"Last year, Amnesty International issued a reportthat found that all 50 states failed to meet international standards regarding lethal force by police. Maryland is one of nine states that has not enacted a use of lethal force statute. The report called for reforms at the state and federal level to bring police practices into compliance with international standards, and to officially collect and publish national statistics on the use of force by police. "
Following the announcement that charges will be dropped against the three remaining officers to face trial in the death of Freddie Gray, Amnesty International USA called for the strengthening of laws governing lethal force by police in Maryland and across the country.
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Did you know we are like transformers?

We can change:

Darkness into Light.

Hate into Love.

Greed into Generosity.

Idleness into Purpose.

Superficial into Sacredness.

Depression into Joy

Wrongfulness into Righteousness.

Distractions into Awareness.

Ego into Consciousness.

Bad Karma into Good Karma.

Doubt into Realization.

Worry into Trust.

Anger into Compassion.

Selfishness into Selflessness.

Ignorance into Wisdom.

Imprisonment into Liberation.

Delusion into Enlightenment.

We are transformers.

Therefore I say take all the negativity in your life and transform them.

All force have an opposing force, therefore be mindful and choose to change to create bliss that will liberate all life on earth including the universe.
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laurie corzett

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"If you donated to the DNC after Bernie Sanders entered the race, either directly or through a third-party platform like ActBlue, or if you donated to Bernie Sanders’ campaign during the primaries and caucuses, then you’re eligible to join, US Uncut reported.

Millions of people donated to Sanders’ campaign, resulting in more than $222 million in donations. If you want to join the lawsuit, it’s easy, according to the lawsuit’s Facebook page. Just email to be a “class representative” (which simply means that you will be a plaintiff participating in the class action suit.) You’ll need to sign an attorney-client agreement and you won’t have to pay any fees to join. The attorneys may ask you later for proof of your specific donations, which you’ll be able to send by fax or email, but they don’t need that at this time."
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8 Co-Creators with God or the Divine Conscription of Martin Joel the prayerful
God!!…I need to change my job!! I need a new challenge!! I’m bored!! God!! I asked you yesterday!! its been 24 hrs already!! why don’t you answer me!!! God!! There is a promotion board approaching in six weeks!! I want to be head teacher!! I want to run it all!! God!! Shall I quote the scriptures back at you?? Should I send you a reminder??

Martin Joel continued in prayer and this attitude for five days and then on Saturday he decides to take a break from prayer Knock Knock…there was a person at the door……coming!! Martin Joel says…It is Saturday morning and two stunning women are at the door Martin Joel recognises them as angels in an instant…it wasn’t that hard, they both had their wings up on full display Hi Martin Joel!!…I’m Michelle, and this is Gabrielle……our guv’nor has asked us to come take you for a ride Ok Martin Joel says…why not……give me 2 seconds ill put some smarter dress on…Take your time Gabrielle says, but we don’t want to be late… we need to catch a bus at 951am Sharp

The bus stop is across a traffic junction…as they approach, all the indicators turn orange At 951 am sharp they begin to cross Strange Martin Joel says…what are the chances of that?? No Michelle says, the traffic controllers know about it… is it a problem? he asks…well yes and no Michelle says…lets walk across……we have a programme in the transport system…it allows us to do this……and whoosh……from the dead centre of the crossing they fly and in an instant they reappear in a laboratory high up in the mountains Wow!! Cool trick Martin Joel says…yes they say…we had to figure out a means of transportation that doesn't freak the animals out especially the poor dogs!!!! Loyal to the death to their masters…they couldn't understand why they saw us and you couldn’t!!!

We’ve had a base in the mountains for eons, we've been meeting top scientists, religious authorities and top government officials for ages…some figure it out, some don’t…welcome…this is your first taste and tour of the space we choose to call El Imagen de la primero de la paradise Martin!! Govner says…tell me…how many people are on earth? 6 billion Martin says? ok he says good answer!! Are your horses and dogs included in your calculation too? well no Martin says!! Yes!! there you go self centered to a tee…he said…but they are people to me!!!

You will spend 24 hrs with us, we will create your new job and all the conditions on earth that are required for it to be you that wins the job, but most importantly …the conditions that will enable you to be able to sustain it Get your iPhone ready…its ok to take pictures Patents, Moulds, Gadgets, Music,Fashion items, kiddies toys, scientific equations, medical procedures, de-weaponisation technologies, advanced linguistics and communication devices, synchronised agriculture, the list is endless
Marty took pictures…all on the iPhone Guv’ner sat him down with Michelle and Gabrielle

Each angel will hold one of your hands Gabrielle on your right and Michelle on your left Three of you will face me…you will be in a waking trance…your body will be under the control of Myself through Michelle and Gabriellle…your mind will be speeded up to 25 times your normal perceptive alertness…don’t worry its only 24 hrs, at the level of perception you are now at, it will feel just like any normal 8 hr day in the office

Your creation is done Martin-Joel……well done…Martin-Joel is back at home it is evening Michelle and Gabrielle are about to leave…No wait tell me more please ok they laugh…see the story is just that when you pray for something you might not get it because the rest of the world isn't ready and conditions are not yet optimal for the maintenance of that particular creation…but for you……gov’ner has advanced things for you……gov’ner has bequeathed on you the privilege of being a co-creator and witness to one divine day! look at your watch date and time what does it say? Friday 951pm??…but how?? Exactlythey saidgo figure!! Look at your iPhone…are the pictures there?? yes Marti said… ok point at a mirror can you see? no!! Marty saysthe images are blank!! there you go…that stuff was for your eyes only!!

Your mind will begin to forgetand someday when your scientists have figured out how to really take and interpret pictures others might see them too, and maybe one day you will all begin to understand that there aren't 6 billion people on earth…theres about 2000 billion creatures physical and about 4000 billion creatures incorporeal…all of whom are people to the guv, and in fact, the incorporeal outnumber you!! Ok our turn for a quick question to you………How many days did we take to create your new job? erm…one? he said…yes correct!! the say!! well done…now if guv’ner calls up each of your other fellows to co-create their new reality how long will it take? erm 6 billion days??Wrong!! They said…try again… ok less than 6 billion? because of synergy? division of labor? quick learning? They both laughed……the answer is at least 12 Billion!!… in fact some programmes predict 20 billion because of the evil deeds of the Stephanicians!!! but that is the subject of quite another story!!

Wow…he said more than double the time……in fact possibly more than triple? but why??? Ok we will create all the universes in 6 billion days no doubt, but we will then spend the next 6 billion days just working out and fixing the problems you guys have introduced into the creation!!!!! Good night Martin that is why we've brought you back to Friday night………we now need to go up………and begin to correct all Martin-Joel’s creation mistakes!!! Oh dear i’m so sorry, he says…can I come along……to help?? NO WAY ………they both laughed you’ve had your own share of ……………fun!!! Unfortunately, in order for the equations to remain in balance, we need to hold time constant for you for the next 12 hrs……therefore…now sleep!!

Its Saturday morningMartin-Joel is preparing to go out……theres a knock on the door…two teenage girls at the door……Hi Martin…i’m Michelle and this is Gabrielle…we are your new neighbours…we are tweens and we love dogs…we would like to take your dog out for walks with us at the…weekends… if thats ok with you Of course its ok…but strange Martin Joel says…now why on earth does it feel like I have met you guys before?????

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Hi, here are some facts about Denmark. Hope guys from there can let us know which facts are (or not) True.
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Hi and thanks for your support, today i'm sharing with you our new video with facts about Denmark. I hope getting your support as always. Let us know what do you think about the facts in the comments and don't miss to subscribe to the channel. Cheers
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True. In Copenhagen bycles are eeeeeeeeevery where.
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Global population hit 7.3 billion midway through 2015, an increase of 2 billion since 1990. It will continue to climb steadily, according to forecasters, reaching 8.5 billion in 2030, 9.7 billion in 2050, and 11.2 billion in 2100.
But there is more to the population story than unprecedented numbers. The rate of growth is continuing to slow, the overall growth rate has been falling since the 1970s, and demographics are shifting.
Globally, women are having fewer children than ever before
The number of births has peaked, or has levelled off globally says John Wilmoth, director of the population division in the UN’s department of economic and social affairs. Some countries still have increasing numbers of births but for the world as a whole, we’re not adding people to the population through births. We’re mostly adding to the population because people are living longer.
Almost all countries have experienced reductions in family size, with 46% of the world’s population now living in countries with low levels of fertility, where women have fewer than 2.1 children on average. This includes all countries in Europe and Northern America and significant parts of Asia and Latin America.

Eight percent of the world’s population live in high-fertility countries that have experienced limited reductions in fertility and where the average woman has five or more children in her lifetime. As the graphic below shows, low-income countries have the highest fertility rates as a general rule, with Niger the highest at an average of 7.6 children per woman.
In contrast to those countries facing consistently high fertility rates, more than 40 countries are expected to decrease their population between 2015 and 2050. The UN says fertility in all European countries is now below the level required for “full replacement of the population in the long run”.

Birth rates are dropping, but death rates are dropping faster
Even if global fertility rates were to drastically reduce to replacement levels, populations would continue to grow for some time due to what experts refer to as the population momentum, the increasing number of people surviving to reproductive age and beyond.
Since 1960, the birth rate has dropped considerably in countries of all income groups, but this has not translated into a decline in the global population because the death rate has dropped even faster, especially in low-income countries
In 2015 global life expectancy rose to 71.4 years, a five-year increase since 2000. Africa experienced the highest increase in that time, partly due to improvements in child health and increased access to HIV treatments.

While rising life expectancy presents a new set of challenges, Wilmoth said it was important not to lose sight of the good news. “The narrative around these issues is often negative, but when you think about the increase in life expectancy and the overall improvement in health conditions that has made population growth happen, this is an enormous reduction of human misery that has led to longer life,” he says.
Wilmoth says it is the world’s poorest countries, where the bulk of the population growth is taking place, that have the biggest challenges ahead. It’s the countries that are growing very rapidly, 3% or 4% per year, and therefore they are doubling in size over 25 years, that is a pace of increase which is difficult to sustain he says.
It’s just very challenging when a country is trying to improve the level of healthcare and education, and at the same time they’re having to constantly chase after population growth and increase the size of everything at a rather significant pace. The challenge is scaling up.

Africa has the most rapid population growth
More than half of global population growth between now and 2050 is expected to take place in Africa. The UN estimates that 33 countries in Africa have a high probability of tripling their populations, this includes Angola, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Mali, Niger and Uganda. The most notable growth is expected in Nigeria, where the population is estimated to surpass that of the US by 2050, making it the third largest nation on earth.
But within this diverse region there are African countries and cities bucking the trend – Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, has a fertility rate of 1.7. Some experts tout the possibility for Africa to follow trends in many parts of Asia, where lowered fertility rates and a slowdown in population growth rates took place from the 1960s, including in Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Fertility is projected to decline in Africa too, but the pace with which this happens will have important implications for development.

Education and family planning can influence fertility rates
There are a number of factors that can play a role in a country’s fertility rates, including its investment in education, the availability of family planning services, the status of women’s rights and the prevalence of early and forced marriage.
The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) argues that addressing these key issues is fundamental to slowing population growth. Population dynamics are not destiny the UNFPA’s population matters report says. “Change is possible through a set of policies which respect human rights and freedoms and contribute to a reduction in fertility, notably access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, education beyond the primary level, and the empowerment of women.”
While more women are using contraceptives than ever before, globally there are still 225 million women who would like to avoid or delay pregnancy but are unable to access a modern form of contraception. Campaigners say an important step in slowing population growth is addressing this gap and recognising women’s rights to choose if and when they have children.
Research has also shown the impact of education on lowering fertility rates, educated girls are more likely to marry later and have fewer children. The UN estimates that in sub-Saharan Africa, women with no education have an average of 6.7 births, women with primary education have an average of 5.9 births, and women with secondary education have an average of 3.9 births.

Also important is the provision of maternal and child health services. Many researchers and campaigners support the theory that increased child survival rates can lead to lower fertility rates, as parents choose to have fewer children when they know there is a higher likelihood the ones they have will survive into adulthood (pdf).
Hans Rosling, statistician and co-founder of data foundation Gapminder, echoes this sentiment in his work, arguing that ending population growth starts by saving the poorest children.
Wilmoth agrees, saying that while the link between improved maternal health and reduced fertility can be difficult to demonstrate empirically, historical studies show that parents have family size goals in mind. “They’re less likely to have an additional birth because the current children are less likely to die.”

Reframing the debate
The challenges of population growth are clear, not least the threats to biodiversity from increased pollution, deforestation, intensive agriculture and urbanisation. Because the stakes are high, there is a heated debate over how to tackle the issue. There are growing calls for less of a focus on overpopulation and more on overconsumption, including those outlined in Stephen Emmott’s book Ten Billion, which calls for drastic behavioural change to curb an unprecedented environmental crisis.

Wilmoth argues the key to meeting some of these challenges lies in reframing the conversation, putting human rights at the fore. “The use of the term overpopulation portrays a certain bias, that you’re focusing on the number of people rather than the level of development,” he said. Is a country overpopulated or is it under-developed? I think sometimes the discussion is exaggerated, and there’s not enough conversation about the possibility for development to keep pace with population growth.
There is a real opportunity here. But that opportunity can only be grasped if the growing number of young people today are empowered with education and employment, and have access to contraception, so that the generation that follows them won’t be bigger still.
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laurie corzett

Discussion  - 
"A Post database that tracks fatal shootings by police shows a 6 percent increase in the number of such deaths during the first six months of 2016, compared with the same period last year. Fatal encounters are strikingly similar to last year’s shootings: Blacks continued to be shot at 2.5 times the rate of whites. About half of those killed were white, and about half were minorities. Less than 10 percent of all those killed were unarmed. One-quarter were mentally ill.

But there are notable differences: More of the shootings were captured on video, 76 in the first half of 2015 and 105 in the first half of this year. And the number of fatal shootings of black women, such as that of Jessica Nelson-Williams in San Francisco in May, has risen. Nearly the same number of black women have been killed so far this year as in all of last year — eight this year, compared with 10 in all of 2015."
Nearly 500 died in the year’s first half, with national outrage mounting over recent killings.
Lyle Hardin's profile photo
I think the number of police shot has escalated more. May God bless and protect our police.
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Permaculture : Dry Creek Beds 1 Managing Water with a Dry Creekbed GardenMagik .. My Dry Creek Bed project Oct 2010 Dry Creek Bed DIY Build a Dry Creek Bed Dry Creek Garden Landscape Projects "Dry" Creek Bed in heavy...
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laurie corzett

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A site with a good summary of arguments for UBI and endorsements by business leaders.
Change in working environment. We go through a huge change at labour markets and in working environment. Digitization and automation increasingly work instead of us. One machine can work for one hundred people. More value gets created with less humane work-input. But without new social policies, ...
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The following is just fiction, but the deeper message is about regeneration and creativity, redemption and salvation, the regenerative powers of nature and indeed those of modern science and medicine are fantastic and for these we ought to be thankful

Prince Felix the Greek gambled his penis in Venice ….and lost!!

While the Romans were getting busy…….
Building basilica domes in their streets
And the Italians were busy as well
Creating the Operae?
Those that be……. which did result in pure uproar!!
In such theater! As befitting to be seen in ……
by Queens!!
The French agreed to pay for a new phallus with all their pennies,
And indeed they had to sell…….. some of their expensive and highly prized ponies too!!
A new Phallus!! Heck!
Even the Ph..ll…stines were roped in on the trick!
But the Brits said,
its Black obsidian and….it is glass!!
We’d have preferred, even if it be made of grass,
to be colored…… peony!!
That is the only color befitting……… the social class that we be!
Then said the Hermister, you there!!
Go summon the Magister!!
This be one trick that we cannot do with phonies.
For in dealing with sang real, we need real and authentic Magic
…… no tricks!
Magister was in the bar……. for it was 11 o’ clock and Beer!!
And Magister looked all round the bar room…

Magic Sticks? My Magic Sticks are all brooms!!

And the Brits began to Chagrin and said,
Look here, this be some pumice,
Dost thou thinks if we stick a Magic broomstick in
And wrap it all around with some plasticine,
And flank it either side with 2 Buckminster Cubes then we parade it at a distance, through the streets of the West and the Minsters, would that do?
Do you think anybody would notice, that instead of a dick
We’ve got a broomstick and two frigging bucky cubes positioned around some pumice??

Alas this questioned beggared the Magister, and floored him like a left hook!!

Then Magister said, heck go get Trickster!!
For today? The trouble is serious!!
Hermetica and Magica?
Do not seem to want to play!!
Then Trickster said look….. this should never be written in any book,
For what trick I’m about to do will get you guys both off the hook!
We must send Felix away for some time, while I just put on a mask
and cover me with some ash and say to the masses….

“Again I return to you.. from the ashes of my own flames”!
And so did all the nobles and dukes and such re-al folk say…….

Who Ra?? And Who Ray!! Trickster once again?......... Has saved the day!

And that is why to this day, we re-enact the same play,
About him who was on fire for 3 years! And then? He died!

But wait here is the trick……he did come back alive?
Yes he did!!
But only after three days had passed!!
And if you can believe the above?......That is the reason why!
No one has ever been able……
To figure out how the heck it was that he came back…..alive!!

Except of course if his Resurrection was TRUE!!!

Copyright©ThedisenChantedoneMarch 2016

Prince Felix the Greek part 2

After Felix the Greek gambled his penis in Venice and lost?
He had a heavy change of heart!
From bar to bar he went round saying:
let’s take care of each other
Or everything will be lost!!
So fix your broken dicks
With alabaster bricks and rock!

But when Trickster heard this
He ran up to Magister:
Felix the greek has spilled the beans and now?…
We’re trucked!!
But Hermister was quick
And this he said to Magister
No we’re not!
For if Felix the Greek
Gambled his dick in Venice and lost?
And we replaced it
With just alabaster bricks and rock?
That there is one last trick of the Phoenix
That we can’t afford to let get lost!!

Just take Felix out tonight
No need to go very far
Just get him to the nearest bar
Give him some Iced tea
And some mojito laced with honey
Send him home with a girl dressed in peony
And that is all we need!!
Silence from Felix the greek?
Is guaranteed!

That’s what we need to do, simple isn’t it?
He’ll soon stop blabbing
About his secret alabaster dick?
Fixed with bricks!

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Johanna Maria

Discussion  - 
Controversial: Modus Of The Vendors In The Market Was Caught On Cam! Shocking!
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Scott GARY

Discussion  - 
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Gavin Mounsey

Technology  - 
While the proponents of the GE food venture have claimed that anyone who is concerned about the safety of GMO food is "anti-science", the truth is the venture itself is anti-science. The deception, fraud, and disinformation that has been required on the part of scientists involved with promoting rDNA technology to keep the industry afloat has threatened the integrity of scientists everywhere through a systematic degradation of scientific standards and safety procedures.

Steven M. Druker (Author of the book in the picture below “Altered Genes, Twisted Truth”) said this on the topic “Besides enabling the imposition of great potential harm on consumers and the environment, the delinquencies of the scientific establishment have inflicted concrete harm on science – and the harm has been major.” he continues be adding “ the scientist proponents of GE foods have been inconsistent in the way they have relaxed scientific protocols, doing so in a biased manner that has created a double standard under which any study reporting problems with these products is subjected to far stricter requirements than those purporting not to find any. Through such a duplicitous set up, rigorous studies published in peer reviewed journals are pilloried or even forced into retraction if they have detected ill effects while shoddy ones that couldn’t qualify for publication in such journals have been treated as authoritative as long as they claim reassuring results. This gross degradation of scientific standards is an important part of the GE food fraud because proponents have created the illusion that science has been assiduously upheld when, in reality, it has been systematically subverted in order to make the products of bioengineering appear safe.”

For anyone interested in learning more about the real science and hard data surrounding the creation of transgenic organisms (aka "GMOs") and their risks, I suggest you read his book. It's what I consider to be the most concise, comprehensive and hard evidence supported book on GMOs that is available today.
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Gyan Yagya

Discussion  - 
SBI INB: SBI Holiday Savings Account
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By Bruce Anderson & David Coletto Recently, the Gallup organization in the US updated a series of questions they have asked over the years about what behaviours or choices Americans consider to…
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A blog about the world's innovative & creative discoveries, researches, and invention. To become a Naturewaadi.
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laurie corzett

Discussion  - 
Here's a website with information on contacting congressmen. If you're not sure how you can get involved or you feel helpless this is a great start! Don't feel like they're too busy or they don't have time for you. If we start flooding their phones with our message of being done with their way of running things they'll have to listen!
Find your members of Congress by clicking on your state on the map to the right or filling out the following form: Address Search: Enter your address to determine who represents you in Congress. ZIP Code Search: Don't feel comfortable submitting your address? Enter just your 5 or 9 digit ZIP ...
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