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watch full video and must read video description to understand purpose of video

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FrankOne: One-touch speciality coffee brewer

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"BIG finds projects in three main ways: businesses or organizations come asking to collaborate, teachers develop projects and find partners interested in collaborating, and students initiate projects. “The kids’ ideas are just as good as the adults' ideas,” Cornally said.

“We are excited when a kid has an idea because half the time they’re good and half the time they’re bad, but it’s the same as the adults.” No matter how the project comes to them, Cornally said teachers work to think it through, flesh it out and make sure it’s a viable project. If it is, it gets added to a custom-built database that students can browse when they shop for projects at the start of the semester.

“We live in that universe of just below your resource line, but well above flippant,” Cornally said. In other words, many businesses come to BIG with projects that would help operations, but aren’t mission critical. That’s a perfect space for high school students to bring their enthusiasm, creativity and energy.

For example, the United States Geological Survey wanted to create an app to streamline the process when citizen scientists send in fossils. That’s an app the agency probably wouldn’t spend limited resources on, but they’re excited to have it if a student can build it.

As students work on their projects they get support from teachers, who also ensure that students are meeting the state standards required for the course. Teachers meet in a daily “scrum” where they talk about projects, individual students, who needs more support, who is avoiding all the math in the project, and who on staff would be most effective at reaching out.

At the end of the semester the school carefully translates all the project work students did into traditional credits that are recognized by traditional high schools and colleges. “You cannot be the person who changes how college does admissions and how they want to see data reported,” Cornally said. “And you can’t screw your students over by doing that.”

While the projects may not neatly fit the criteria colleges expect to see, students often discover passions they want to pursue in college through the projects they do at BIG. "

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"Samantha Bee wants to get you excited about the 2018 midterm elections in the best way possible: a daily trivia game with a cash prize of up to $5,000! And don’t worry, the game isn’t rigged; it’s for everyone! We don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat, Green Party, or Gary Johnson, we just want you to get excited about voting.

Once per day, you’ll get the chance to answer 10 multiple choice questions about the midterms, current events and very important facts about democracy like in what 1980’s vampire movie Kiefer Sutherland played POTUS. Get every question right and you’ll win cash from the daily jackpot, split with the other winners (#winning)! Get every question wrong and you probably don’t know anything about the United States, so we’re glad you’re here.

How it works:

Join the game every day when you get a push notification—usually at 7pm EDT and 4pm PDT.

Answer 10 funny trivia questions while the clock counts down!

Win real cash by answering all 10 questions right.

Winners split the daily jackpot of $1K to $5K—and sometimes more!

Got a question wrong? Embarrassing—but you can keep playing if you have extra lives.

Get extra lives by signing up for election reminders, inviting friends, and completing weekly challenges. If only a political comeback were that easy!"

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What if you get the additional tool to doze off and get the best sleep ever?

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Current smart technologies could be utilized to automate data combinations of sepsis symptoms and other relevant information.
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