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[Name:] Javier Robinson
[Age:] 21
[Gender:] Male
[Weight:] 183 lbs
[Height:] 5'9
[Appearance:] Image
[Faction:] Insurgency Rebels
[Clan:] Black Ops
[Skills:] Speed, Parkour, Stealth, Snipers, Knives, Intellect, Tactics, and Explosives
[Weapon(s):] M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle,M1911 Colt,Combat Knives,Throwing Knives,and C4s
[Equipment(s):] Binoculars,Thermal Vision Goggles,and Ghillie Suit

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[Clan Name:] Black Ops
[Clan Tag:] 3ARC
[Clan Symbol:] Image
[Faction:] Insurgency Rebels
[Commander:] Javier Robinson
[Members:] N/A
[Clan Bio:] This team was created during the cold war era to spy on the Russians for illegal activity.Now they are reformed to take down any evil plan the Regieme Empire might come up with.
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