Hi can I be in a roleplay

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Name: Nero Kirigaya
Nickname: Black battler
Age: 16
Gender: male
Bio: can't remember his past
Personality: friendly to others but always keeps to himself.
Hair colour: black
Eye colour: black
Battle theme: SAO opening 1 crossing swords
Digivice colour: Black
Digmon partner: Gilmon
Digimon gender: male
Digimon personality: friendly but sometimes aggressive and rude.

Hmm how should I start this off oh I know.
it was a regular day in the city, busy traffic, lots of chatter even the roads were busy then there's me I always stayed out of people's way so that good enough for me
Me: checks time on my watch
I was always a kind person but I always keep to myself most of the time until one day
Me: huh..What's going on? 
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