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Challenge excepted Travis

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+summerLPS TM um hi (this is very awkward for me for some reason 😁)

Hey guys I'm doing a contest! YAY!

The contest is where you post a picture in this chat of an Lps you really adore and the picture will be the picture that represents this community!

Rules: stealing from other people or the Internet! may not hate on other peoples pictures!
4. Don't be sad if you don't win this contest ( don't be poor sport )
5. Have fun!

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Hey guys! HAPPY EASTER! Sometimes I think people forget why Easter is a holiday.... So I'm going to be the reminder for today! And I know you've problem heard this story but just hear me out!

So it started long ago when Jesus came down to earth!
Now down on earth there where these things called sins and sins where some thing of where you did something wrong and people who had sins, they killed animals to take the sin off them because if you had a sin and you died go would go to hell and of course people didn't want to go to hell so they put the sin on animals so they could go to heaven...when Jesus came down to earth he thought it was wrong that they put sins on animals, and jesus was more powerful then them so they nailed him to a cross and killed him but instead of the sins going to them it laid on Jesus so we could all go to heaven, he loved us so much he put all the sins on him!and on Easter luckily he was brought back to life! That's why Easter was born!when something bad happens Jesus didn't make it happen, but he cared for you during the tuff times! And think of this bunnys, chicks, and anything else that has to with Easter is from earth living! So remember Jesus loves us! ~Blood Moon


Can anyone use these lyrics and sing them and make the sad? I wanna see you guys try! And if you can send me a video of you singing it! But the words in between the marks "you have to say!

Song title: avenge you

"Trust me! I'll avenge you!
To her and you this is a game for you to play,you play and play through the years and you say I don't wanna anymore you're done for!no ones life is perfect but just wanna say I'm sorry I was'nt there for you, BUT MARK MY WORD!!!! I'll avenge you...

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Hey guys I know this cummunity is pretty bad but I hope it'll get better!
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