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Heart Warming Moment! Our Children little I and little L, learning and having fun!
#ABA #Autism #children #family #monmouthcounty

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I get overwhelmed so easily,
Yet sometimes i can’t tell people when i stressed,
Sometimes it causes me to act at,
I wish you could understand i’m not normal,
I wish everything was easier for me,
I know today was gonna be a hard day,
When i woke up and didn’t feel like talik,
I know on those days i still have to talk but it’s harder,
Yet you can’t see that,
I had my struggles sometimes because i want to be normal,
Even though i sometimes cry in public it makes me feel weak,
Sometimes i wish people knew here that i struggle with autism,
But i don’t want to be different different,
Just for people to understand my struggles,
Know sometimes the things i do help me cope with being overwhelmed easier,
Instead of being mad because trust me thibngs can be worse,
It could be worse than be draw circles multiple times on a paper,
It could me have a meltdown...break down and crying and scream,
Don’t say its distracting when it could be the only thing keep me calm,
When it’s the only reason I am not rying,screaming or walking out of your classroom,
Typical people please don’t say you understand my strugglrs,
Because in reality you don’t know what i am going through,
You don’t take the time to understand my struggles before saying i’m distracting,
If i was typical i would be,
But i was born to be nontypical so i can’t help it sometimes,
I know i won’t be like typical people and sometimes its hard to understand,
Nut i learn to be okay with it so it’s your turn to learn to be okay with it

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1)Shawn and school
2)I say mild autism but is there another term?
3)I was a little kid
4)rock back and fourth....I need a new stim
5)gel pads or weighted blankets
7)psychologist,vintage mlp and utube
8)idk any
10)write poems
11)mint green
12)when I was little I tried to drink rub alcohol
13)my room
14)all crawl up under a blanket hidden
15)baggy shirts
16)my mint green bunny
17)spaghetti with cheese no meatballs
18)lights bother me but I dislike certain people voice when I'm upset
19)anything itchy
23)yes I'm the oldest
26)our struggles
27)a lot
29)the one with apples

I am different but that’s okay,
I have meltdowns sometimes,
Bright light seem to bother to me,
I hate crowd place,
I hate when things are not what i except,
I may be different but don’t treat me different,
I do normal things like laugh and smile,
I do get anger easier than some people over silly things but i can’t help it,
Like today the keyboard being shiny was bothering me,
So i tried to clean it and that didn’t work,
So i end up smacking it to try to get it to stand up,
Sometimes i wish those silly things didn’t bother me,
I wish i was was like a typical person,
But i know i’ll never be,
I am learning to love being different,
I'm learning to to deal with the struggles,
I wish one day a typical person could experince what i do,
So maybe one day they can better understand what struggles i go through

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Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder which involves with biological, family and social & interventions.
Most of the autistic special kids are suffering from
*Sleep disorder problems,
*Ileocolitis (inflammation in the small intestinal end and in the colon),
*Leaky gut syndrome (cramps, gastric problem, bloating, and pain) and
*Abnormal stool formation.

Ayurvedic external treatments like Oleation (Snehana), powder massage regulates Rasadhatu and corrects the mental functions.

Autism Special Care At Jeevaniyam!!!
Book your appointment:
For more help and information, visit #Autism #Autism_Treatment #Cochin #Special_Kid

Feel free to message us for queries or doubts.

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Brian Hernandez encontró en el karting una manera de ser feliz #inclusión #autismo

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