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Fighting to keep our country from from foreign hostile invaders is something that I thought my ancestors did. However, it appears that my time has come to stand up and face the foe; a very different foe from 78 and 103 years ago.
This foe is more dangerous, it is already on our shores, already in our towns and schools but it is a foe none the less.
Islam violence, terror, rapes, beheadings and child molestation is already taking its toll on Britains society; fear, intimidation are now part of many Britons lives.
Just because it's not happening to you yet, is only because it hasn't reached you yet but it will and be sure to know that they will show no mercy for any dis-believer in their expansion.
I am not a racists or a fascist, I have seen what Islam is doing across Europe, moving into the United States, already having destroyed the societies and cultures that it's mindless followers were part of before.
I will never bow down to Islam in any shape or form and we are looking for people of the same Ilk, British Warriors Within, men and women who will pro-actively put the break on the swarm of barbarity sweeping across the UK.
THERES NO MEMBERSHIP FEES, NO SIGNING ON FEES, WELL, THERES NO FEES!! We want you, wherever you are in the country we need to organise now, be prepared to be united Together and stand unbowed.
I have a website for interested people to have a look at, if you want to join, just use the log-in button to register a request but look at the site first, I hope that it part shocks and part inspires you to that British Warrior Within.
If you can or cannot join but either way believe in the need for action, their is a donate button to help the movement grow; if you can donate £20,000 that's great (nothing wrong with wishful thinking) but you can just set up to pay a £1 a month if you so choose or any one off donation would be gratefully accepted and appreciated.
Come on and take a look, if it doesn't inspire you, then maybe that Warrior Within is hidden more deeply than most but it's there.
We will prevail.
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