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I like Shawn Merwin's technique of wave-away boring combat—the last few goblins give up, run away, etc. But I have run this technique out to its logical conclusion in my games such that very few combats are worth playing out except for the dangerous, story-advancing or campaign-ending ones. My players are narrative oriented and relatively fine with this, but they also have few (usually no) depleted resources. Do I just amp up all the battles? When I do this I feel like I'm tuning the balance on the fly and then I've taken control of the outcome from the players for fear I've amped too much. Or, do I tax their resources as if they had fought these hand-wave encounters on the way to the decisive ones? What's a DM to do?

(I recognize some groups enjoy those combats and boring isn't the apt name but I hope the description is clear enough. The point is there's little risk of the characters losing, the combat doesn't advance the story much, but it does take in-game resources and precious playing time to advance passed them.)

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Hey, look at that, another review this week!

Looking at the Baby Bestiary Companion Rules for 5e, which creates a system for leveling up all of those baby dragons, gryphons, or rust monsters you find in your adventures.

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New review up on the blog today, looking at The Blasphemies of Bor Bwalsch, a collection of creepy spells that channel some of the vibe of Shadow of the Demon Lord into 5e.

This is the first release of Rob Schwalb's Max Press line, third party products for D&D 5e.

Edited for clarity and to point to +Shawn Merwin's answer below

I played in a CCC adventure where there was an award that seemed odd to me, given the current structure of AL magic item rewards.

In this adventure, a permanent common magic item is given out "as if it were a consumable," with only one PC able to claim the item.

The item in question is a weapon, and that causes me to wonder if a common magic item that is a weapon isn't more problematic than other common, non-consumable magic items.

Shawn chimes in below about the process of approval as well as the guidelines for common magic item rewards in AL adventures

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By popular demand, the artist has put the design up for sale at T-Shirts/Posters/etc! It took like 60 seconds for me to get mine! :-)

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because help with #DnDaday : In +Shawn Merwin 's Best of the Dungeon Masters Guild Article there is a link to get the +D&D Adventurers League Midwinter Celebration adventure Winter's Splendor by the newest DMs Guild Adept Ashley Warren.

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because help with #DnDaday : This is an adventure posted on the DMs guild as pat of Adventure League's Midwinter Celebration Promotion. I believe it is written by DMs Guild Adept +Ashley Warren CHECK IT OUT!

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because help with #dndaday: Hey Adventure League Players. the first of the Midwinter Celebration Certificates are out. This is the Candle of the Hearth. It lasts one half hour shedding 30 feet of bright lite and and other 30 feet of dim lite. However, it's super special power is once a day it enables you to have a short rest in 10 minutes as long as you are in its light.

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because help with #dndaday: #dnd5E #ActualPlay In this episode we have fourteen groups of woman who you can listen to play D&D5E and one D&D issue podcast by a woman. In some it may be all woman player's and a man DM, but it is definitely a woman’s podcast. Plus, this is a celebration of Woman playing D&D! Listen and maybe you will find a group you want to follow!!! To end, this takes about 14 minutes.

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because help with #dndaday : Hartlage is a devil telling Dungeon Masters how to mess with their player's. There is a method in his madness however. He tells how to disable common meta-gaming triggers. One example is to put actual miniatures of statues on the battle map so that the player's get use to miniatures being on the map and it does not always signal combat. He has a few other tricks that make this worth reading so do it if you can.
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