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Below are a list of titles generated using the M.T. Black title genrator found here.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with a short blurb, no more that 100 words long, describing one of the adventures.

You can enter up to three times.

Each entry must use a different title.

We will take entries until April 1st at noon eastern, which is noon my time. The winner will receive several products from Encoded designs including the Book of the Tarrasque and The Rakshasas Roost.

Enjoy and let's see some awesome creativity.

The Island of Carnage

The Gates of Crystalhawk Spire

The Forbidden Vale of Ravenstorm

Frostmoor Vale

The Caverns of Misery

The Ghosts of Frosthold Tower

The Forgotten Island of Thunderthorn

Nightmire Manor

The Shrine of Sorrow

The Legend of Nightbone Manor

The Forbidden Vale of Daggerbane

Thunderwind Ravine

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1 encounter
3 hours
+Games of Berkeley

Ship boards at 6pm.
Up to 8 10th lvl DDAL spec chars.

No loot.
Only glory or death.

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Welcome to the Face of the League series! Today we are privileged to have Greg Marks on the show! Learn more about Greg and his role in the D&D Adventurers League… this week on Advantage to Insight!

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Something for the news part of DwD&D:
Event Regitration is open for +Origins Game Fair Wednesday 1 May 2017, 1PM EST!

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Since you mentioned this in the most recent episode of DwD&D, I figured I'd bring it up. I backed this at the physical book level because I like what I'm seeing for the most part. I am, however, hopeful that most of the art pieces are just placeholders. A lot of it definitely looks like it was slapped together in Poser, and that just makes a project look amateurish instantly.

Can we talk alignment? btw, has AtI or DwD&D done an episode on alignment yet? Probably, I just don't remember.

Alignment - I like it at an individual level. I think it's a nice shorthand for two dimensions of morality; ie: what is your respect level for other people/life-forms (the good-evil scale); and what is your respect level for society (the chaotic-lawful scale). And those two dimensions can then be further explored in play - at an individual level

However, when an entire race/species of sentients is cast with the broad brush of "alignment", ie Drow ARE Chaotic Evil; that's when I think D&D gets into and has been in very dangerous territory.

Specifically by painting an entire group of people with default moral position strikes me as awful close to racism.

Is that an agreed upon opinion? Or am I saying something unusual?

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Listened to the new, podcast #ManifestZone hosted by +Kristian Serrano, +Visionary Comms (Wayne), and others. +Kieth Baker is guest on this first episode involving introduction to Eberron. It is an introduction to the cast and the setting. This is a must listen for#Eberron fans. I look forward to more!

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If @Wizards_DnD's recent tweet referencing the countdown timer on the website is a red herring, I am going to be a sad space rhino.
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