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Name: Sami
gender: female
age: 2 (in dog years)
species: Husky/ German Shepherd
Parents: (Real Parents) Unknown (Adopted Parents) Kodiak (Balto's son)
Appearance: Shown In pic (I cant really explain it)
personality: Joyful, Silly, Shy at first
Likes: Running along the beach, chasing after birds, watching the sled teams
Dislikes: Steele, Being told she will never be a sled dog, Kodiak Balto's son trying to tell her how to live her life
Mate: non
Crush: Non
Pups: non
Bio: (Only what others know) Sami Was a pup who was found by Kodiak and Balto, Balto wanted to take her to Jenna's to see if her humans could get her adopted by other humans but instead Kodiak took her in as his own pup.

Brutus walks along forest grounds and begins to sing a song

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Welcome to my Castle,

Come in, don't be afraid. The Murderous Baron and Mistress inside longer hurt you.

Meet my friends, Lucifer,Balto's Wolf Son Dingo,Dr.Satan,and Many more Monsters
In Darklai Castle you can see your reflection disappear in the Mirror of Shadows. You will see torture chambers, and Dungeons, and Human sacrifices.
Then, if you dare, sail on a sea of human blood, deep beneath the Castle walls...See the Catacombs of Death...
but now I must return, to entertain my guests!

Join us! We would love to have you...for Dinner!!
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