Looking for someone who may have some extra time to teach me how to use/fix my 3d printer. Haven't gotten a good print from it yet.

Does anyone have a local source for cheap custom cut plexiglass? Nothing fancy, just 1/4 round and rectangles.

Microcenter has raspberry pi zeroes! And right now, they're .99 each for the first one you buy.

Now for the hack: limit 1 per household per day. PER DAY!!!

I slowly building my raspberry bramble. I should have another 5 coming down soon for a total of 8 with more on the way.

Latest updates for community give - we need to get six more donations between the hours of 6am and 1159 am. Let me know if you were not able to donate and I can set up a new matrix of times for tomorrow, may 4th. See details below from community give.·
We will award 4 Golden Tickets each hour between 6:00 AM and 11:59 AM on May 4th. To qualify for one of these prizes, a nonprofit must receive at least one unique gift during the hour.
· We will award 2 Golden “Glitch Tickets”. These will be drawn from the pool of nonprofits that received at least one unique gift during the hours most significantly effected by the Give Local America website issue and the overnight hours: 11:00 AM May 3rd through 5:59 AM May 4th.

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Please share - and link to the community give :)

Can't believe I gotta ask this!! I feel a major brainfart coming on...

I have a 5v 20A power source (atx PSU). And I want to supply multiple 5v microcontrollers with 1A. Do I just attach smoothing capacitors to each line (pos & gnd) I want to use for individual controllers?

Yeah I don't think I'll make tomorrow's class, LOL!

The Holidays are over, and its the First Tuesday of 2016!
Come out to the makerspace tonight and bring some of those new devices you received to show everyone how they work. Or if you have questions about how to assemble that new toy bring it in and we can call take a look!
Its also a great time to brush up on your Arduino coding so your ready for our next class on January 16th!

Does anyone here have experience with nRF24 wireless modules? I'm thinking of using them in a project where I want to do a mesh network between arduinos, but I'm starting to get the sense that these are too low-cost for what I want.


$5.00 dollar computers! How cool is that =)
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