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How do I get mods??? Someone please help!!!

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Name: Skeletron Prime
Occupation: Mechanical Boss (Hard Mode Boss)
Soul of Fright (20-40) 100%
Greater Healing Potion (5-15) 100%
Hallowed Bar (15-30) 100%
Skeletron Prime Mask 14.29%
Skeletron Prime Trophy 10%
Horned God Headpiece 14.29%
Treasure Bag (Skeletron Prime) 100%
Max Life: 28000 / 42000
48 (while spinning)
Damage 47 / 79
94 / 158 (while spinning)
Immune to: confused,poisoned,venom,on fire,cursed inferno,shadowflame,daybroken,penetraded and celled.
KB Resist: 100%
Summon:Mechanical Skull.

"You feel the air getting colder around you..."

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Here is "Rookie" without most of his stuff (The only two items are dev items, in negative color to represent a reverent or something that cannot die from age, Rookie/Death/Roy/Zerum is technically corrupt yet hollowed.)

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Name: Vortex


Age: ??

Weapons: Vortex sniper, S.D.M.G. , Phantams

Gender: Male

Sexuality: unknown

Armor: Vortex Armor

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My character without armor/vanity items

Name: Cursed Handgun

Type: Ranged/Magic

Damage: 100

Ammo Type/Mana Usage: It takes 20 mana, and 10 health,

Effects: Cursed Flame

How to make: It can't be made, its only used by Green.

Info: A handgun that Green cursed.

How the poop do you beat wall of flesh fast and easy?

Name: Cursed Cultist - Archer, Brute, Attacker and Mage,.

Defence: 25-75 (Archer has 25, Attacker has 30, Mage has 50, Brute has 75.)

Health: 100-350 (Archer has 100, Attacker has 150, Mage has 250, Brute has 350)

Weapon: The Archer version of Cursed Cultist has a green, jagged bow, the brute has a large green hammer, the attacker has a green jagged broadsword and the mage has a green staff with a floating green orb.

Spell: They all cause Cursed Flames.

Rarity: Epic, they are summoned by Green rarely she is losing.
Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, Epic, Boss (Only 1 exists without multiple use of its spawner)

Spawner: Green himself.

Where does it spawn/originage: They are green's creation.

Effects: Explained in Spell,

Drops: Nothing

Information: To lazy

=Rookie/the man of death=
He'd walk up to the dungeon and would start looking for someone or something, hoping that no one was watching. He would begin to set up a camp fire and would pick up what appeared to be a sigil before he noticed the feeling he was being watched from a distance. Who ever is there, show yourself! He began to notch an arrow.
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