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Right who knows how to play even a bar of Franks music? (and i dont really mean his folky stuff later in his career. soz. #fadgadget

I always thought that someone could maybe work out the chords to Fireside Favourite from this version. Maybe easier just to listen to the album version.

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i see theyve got chords to rickys Hand now available. Used only see the lead line

SONG: RICKY's HAND ARTIST: FAD GADGET how'dy folks, not really a guitar song, but definitely a sing along.. so here it comes.. I play 2 guitar lines througout the song easy to figure out when to play what... this one Am - - - - - - - - - - - - Em - - G - - and this one for verses and chorus and so.. Am - - - - F - - - - Dm - - - - G - - - - for the bridge in the end ... just stay in Am Here are the lyrics : Scratched his head, then pulled his ear
 Reached out for a glass of beer
 Ricky's hand
Ricky's hand From the pocket it pulled five pound
 Ricky bought another round
 Ricky's hand
Ricky's hand In the dark it found his zip
 Wiped his mouth when he was sick 
Ricky's hand
Ricky's hand Ricky's hand
Ricky's hand Six pints later he waved goodbye
 Picked his nose and squashed a fly
 Ricky's hand
Ricky's hand Slamming the door it grasped the wheel
 Now Ricky's full of man appeal Ricky's hand
Ricky's hand Ricky contravened the highway code
 The hand lies severed at the side of the road


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Sheet Music for Adam and the ants classic Young Parisians which my brother taught me a few years back. Looks like ive a wee bit of work to do in it. I might have a video of me doing it somewhere

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Dunno if this will be much good
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