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An upcoming event that will be held as a HOA and a HIRL 
Mark this event on your calender or just click the yes button on the event page . See you all then . 
A follow up to the IRL (in real life) meetup that is scheduled for Wednesday the 26th November @ Stockdale house.

More details on that meetup here:

→ Using Google+ Hangouts to engage

Feel free to suggest more...

We'll be introducing you to the medium of Google+ Hangouts as a medium for engaging your prospects and clients and showing you (we hope) that through using a new medium you're placing yourself apart from your competitors in utilising 21st Century technology.

Hashtag for the event:  #EMSNUK

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Three HOA hosts in one place at the same time ? 
Have a Great Weekend 
And we just keep on HIRLing -- look who +Jessica Dewell and I found in Denver. +Mia Voss

This site was made to help make connections between Business Owners  and Hosts of HOA formatted shows . So whether you are a Professional or just starting out and need to ramp up your online presence ? This could be the place to find Who , and What you are looking for . I will also be doing a weekly Business Spotlight on a chosen person or business .  Maybe you will be first ?
Donald Brant  owner / moderator / host / producer . HOA /HIRL  and
Show and Tell HOA  
Remember to post a little bio about yourself and what you do here . 
If you have no video bio , Don´t worry , Just take your time and make some video content that you are confident in showing to the public . 
We are all learning and you can ask for help whenever and where ever you want . 

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Join +Christine & Mia and our permanent guest host +Craig Fifield  as we chat with our guest... YOU, The Audience!

We will open up the show tomorrow to have our audience favorites join in and hang out with us and share your story. We'll get the show started and then throw the Hangout URL into the Comment Thread and see where it takes us!

Wednesday, April 30
11:30am PT/12:30pm MT/1:30pm CT/2:30pm ET

This week's show is sponsored by:
+Holiday Inn Washington DC-Central/White House  A full service hotel, conveniently located in downtown Washington, DC The hotel is located within walking distance of the White House, DC Convention Center, and two separate Metro/subway stops.

Each week +Christine DeGraff & +Mia Voss  spotlight guests who share their inspiring stories of ingenuity, tenacity and courage!

Follow our community for updates on upcoming shows as well as guest and sponsor opportunities

Follow the buzz on Twitter and Google+ using hashtags
#15MinutesOnAir   &   #WhatsYourStory      

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Hangout toolbox has been around for a while but for some of you beginners , it is a helpful tool to use in hangouts . 
Recommended Hangout app
If you have never used the Hangout Toolbox before in your video calls, you will now see the app listed at the very top of the app bar.  The Hangout Toolbox has several features like Lower Thirds or Comment Tracker. You should definitely give it a spin in your next video call or Hangout On Air.

#Hangouts   #HangoutsOnAir   #googleplusupdate  

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Eye candy , I  want this camera for all the features it offers . Check it out .
Sony announces seven HD Handycam camcorders at CES, priced from $230 to $1,500
Sony's announcing quite a few new Handycam models at this year's CES. At the pricier end of the spectrum, the HDR-CX900 sports a 1-inch CMOS sensor, 50 Mbps XAVC S recording, and a boatload of other high-end features. In fact, it's identical to the $2,000 AX100, though the CX900 excludes 4K-capture capabilities. That omission will save you 500 bucks, with this model shipping in late February for $1,500. Next up, the projector-equipped PJ810 will run you $1,100, and includes WiFi with NFC, 24.5-megapixel stills capture, a 26.8mm wide-angle G lens with hood, a 3-inch 921k-dot LCD and a 50-lumen projector. $700, you can pick up the PJ540, which sports a 5.1-channel mic, a 3-inch 460k-dot LCD, 32GB flash storage, WiFi, NFC, a 25-lumen projector and our favorite feature, Balanced Optical SteadyShot. PJ340, which includes a 26.8mm wide-angle G lens with optical SteadyShot, 16GB flash storage, WiFi, NFC and a 13-lumen projector for $480. Next up is the cheapest projector-equipped model, the PJ275. This $400 shooter features a 29.8mm Zeiss lens, 8GB flash storage, WiFi, NFC and a 13-lumen projector. Meanwhile, videographers on a budget may want to check out the $330 CX330, which ships with WiFi, NFC and a 26.8mm G lens with optical SteadyShot. The $230 CX240, however, does not include WiFi. It does feature a 9.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, a 29.8mm lens with digital stabilization, full HD (60p) capture and a 2.7-inch LCD. All seven models ship next month alongside several new accessories, including a $100 shotgun mic, ECM-W1M and ECM-AW4 $230 wireless microphones and a $30 lens filter for the PJ540.

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Looking to upgrade my wireless mobility for longer shots on hangouts . 

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Who will be the first guest writer on HOA / HIRL Magazine / Show  ? 

Any Ideas ? 

I would like to ask +Chris M Cloutier to be the first to write an article based on his experiences as a writer and as a host and guest of the HOA
formatted shows . 
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