Anybody coming to the anomaly in Boston?

If folks are coming we could pick a simplex frequency to meet up on.

I'll be there!

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Would folks be interested in a DMR or Echolink connection for this group? Does something like that already exist?
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Yes! Echolink is best
Yes! DMR is best
Not Really
Yes! Echolink is best
Yes! DMR is best

Hello all. It's been years and about 1700miles from when and where I last played Ingress before today. Any hams here from the Phoenix AZ area?

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Receivers need foil hats, too.

Please welcome +Chris Hart, agent Hart1of5, aka KC1HZA.

Chris, please tell us a bit about yourself.

Please welcome +Al Ocon, aka resistance agent Nocola, from the San Francisco area.

Can we get an idea of the Amateur Radio areas/zones people live in?

I'm in 3. If anyone wishes to talk to Delaware, let me know. I can be on HF between 1400 to 1700 utc or 0300 to 1500 utc most days.
Kb3pzn. aka peabody3612 (resistance)

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Anyone active in radio astronomy?

Attended the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) Western Conference in Socorro, NM last month. Amazing stuff, including a tour of the Very Large Array (VLA).

Also many unique portals, of course ;-)

Just saying "hello" and happy to be here. Sorry, that's my game face! loI
I think I have a normal picture on qrz under ac6qy.

11 weeks and no posts? I'm at fault also.

Are folks less active in ham radio or Ingress, and more active in the other?
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