Please welcome +Al Ocon, aka resistance agent Nocola, from the San Francisco area.

Just saying "hello" and happy to be here. Sorry, that's my game face! loI
I think I have a normal picture on qrz under ac6qy.

11 weeks and no posts? I'm at fault also.

Are folks less active in ham radio or Ingress, and more active in the other?

Just wanted to update. I passed my General in January and got my Extra last month!

Please welcome +John Cotter (R), KC1FNG

Quick intro... I'm not (yet?) a ham. My parents were when I was a kid, I learned code in boy scouts, and I'm an computer engineer so I've been following the state of ham radio distantly for years. I remember the grief and the long process it took to get the faa to recognize that ascii was an encoding, not an encryption, for instance.

Anyway, my recent interest in ham has to do with ingress and potential applications. I think it's probably time for me to get licensed and start diving in. My interests are almost entirely digital, though, and my ham specific knowledge probably fits on the head of a pin.

Thanks for the add.

I guess I never made a bio post here. Hello, I'm ENL agent TannimKyraxx aka W9ECO (formerly KD9BFS.) I'm from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. I'm a general but until I can afford to upgrade my gear I'm having fun with U/VHF.

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I just found a Morse Code tree. I didn't know these existed. Really cool.

I'm going to print a few of these out.

Got a pair of new toys.  Ubiquiti Air Grid microwave data links.  Off into the quiet zone I go.  No portal too remote

Just thought that I should say hello.  N4LXP,  Resistance agent from Virginia, ShadowTrancer
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