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VOYAGERS AND KINGS Epic fiction in the making...

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What is the community about?
Take a tour of the V&K homepage first. Here, we want to create resources by having members showcase, engage in discussion and share in the development of the entertainment genres SteamPunk, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and SciFi.

Usually, when finding something I really love when developing story ideas (as a writer, this community is not about writing) I add a photo to an Evernote or something, but the idea we're developing with the community is to use the community as a resource, accessing the posts by using a detailed list of categories.

Photographers can showcase work that is beyond the normal, drawing attention to their work. Photographers - please share with us your extraordinary work.

For those who just want to share something interesting - share it and tell us why you like it. 

Writers can use these or be inspired by them in description.

Gamers can show us how they create games and models.

World-builders can link to blogs, resources, pics that tell us how worlds are built.

Researchers give us links to those sites that are HOT. See Arto's link to the 3D reconstruction of Babylon and Constantinople today... 

In time, we hope the boundaries between media can blur.

It might seem odd at first to some of us, but we hope we can learn to operate out of our comfort zone crossing boundaries we would not otherwise do.

Jump on in! Mark David

#fantasy #fiction #epicfiction   #scifi   #SF   #urbanfantasy   #steampunk

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Awesome work
Jordan Grimmer's work is fantastic.
I have contacted - or tried to contact, a lot of people don't get back, a number of conceptual artists, to use their work available freely online, in return for credit and link to site.
Most want me to pay of course, which can't happen on a project that is being built. I respect that of course, but had been hoping there was an artist or two, who could see the idea in using content already online in return for a little promotion. If the Voyagers and Kings universe becomes something - which I aim it will - that artist gains exposure.
So I'm happy to announce Jordan has agreed, and I'll be using his work to illustrate selective aspects of the Voyagers and Kings universe.

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The great Ted Nasmith
I fell in love with is paintings illustrating the Silmarillion. Here he is back in magnificent form with paintings for Game of Thrones by HBO.


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Awesome illustration...
       by erinm

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Steampunk on wheels
The Premise
The traditional trades have disappeared, leaving the populace reliant on communal mining projects in overcrowded townships around the rim of an industrial heartland (this what I've had at the back of my mind for the next writing project in a very distant future, far, far away since my current writing project hasn't finished it's time-sapping big bang act yet...)

This could be a house-removal company offering special services for the overclass - the privileged who have the option of moving away from the dystopian smog-ridden environment, to where the air is cleaner and people can live and breath as their forefathers once did ... with a view of the sea, the sea and what lies beyond the horizon being the vision of Utopia that prompts the main characters to band together and explore an unknown world. Rumors talk of another continent, but they are only rumors. Or?

This community (Voyagers is the above) was set up purely for coming closer to the goal of realizing that premise. Don't watch this space, I'll going to be an older man before I ever get anything out. Still. You get the picture...

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Legends of the Past
As dear Professor Tolkien, I spend a lot of time researching Norse legends for constructing altered realities. Nordic legends are rich and many, sources can though be confusing, and much that is myth is really a popular amalgamation. Still, the fact that the same sources are used by so many from artists, to game developers, fantasy writers and film all testify to this rich tapestry of imagination-fodder that is inspiring to so many.
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'Atlases of the Clementium' by Sean Yan

Though he probably meant to say 'Globus of the Clementium'.
This takes me back to my youth and Jules Verne. Good old explorer-adventures seem to be in short supply these days. If I ever get around to finishing The Elements (the other community) I'll be addressing that issue...

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Omniscient narrators are the most unnatural creatures.

This video is full of optical illusions, some of which I caught and some of which I didn't; which reminded me of the witness unreliability demonstrations that were part of my postgrad.

Which triggered off the thought that having a narrator who sees everything correctly is very unnatural. So, despite it being easier to show the reader the world that way, not having an unreliable narrator creates a huge burden to make the narrator realistic in every other way.
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