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Hey! I head up dev outreach at AngelHack. Let me know if you are interested in free tickets to their hackathons around the world! Find dates near you here: 

Hello All, 
Thank you for accepting my request to join this group. My name is Bill and I'm a developer! I'm skilled with Java, JS, CSS, HTML5, and more. Check my page. 

Scratchpad - Live CSS Editor

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I found this wonderful explanation of blocks, procs, and lambdas. It's all in Ruby but for you folks in the JavaScript world it's a good read. Lambdas == anonymous functions, JS uses a ton of  those and other closures.

Happy Monday everyone.

#!/usr/bin/env python3.2

from david import David.about as description

description.set('''greetings.  i've got a number of practices under my belt, some more preferred than others.  i'll presently indicate some'''){'lang':['python3', 'php', 'C', 'javascript', 'assembler']}){'web':['html5', 'css3', 'jQuery']}){'phone':['android']}){'OS':['Linux']})

description.location.set('South Florida')

description.job.set('Network Security Engineer')

As per initial post, kindly asking for introductions, I am a software developer working for +Opera, working on Opera Mini engine and iOS client application. Always in search for high quality food for thought.

Alex Conroy, founder and Co-President of +Esotech Inc. with +Bill Grunau. We are a team of Marketers, Developers and Designers. Our team is fully based in the USA.

We work primarily with Wordpress but also create custom systems in PHP or NodeJS using Database technology such as mySQL or MongoDB. 

If you have any code related questions, let me know. We also specialize in SEO and SMO. We can help you with any marketing questions.

Always looking to contribute and learn about the latest in web development tech. I look forward to sharing with you all.

I am a System Administrator at +Ubiquity Servers and have the unique privilege of working within earshot of +Daniel Haim. The majority of my software projects revolve around automating my life so I can spend more time listening to Daniel talk about his favorite colors.

Welcome Developers, Coders, Graphic  & Web Designers

I am Daniel Haim, founder & CEO of +Bloginity  and Director of Marketing at +Ubiquity Servers. I am also designer and a developer and you can see some of my creations at

I created this community of developers, coders, designers to connect with each other and share inspiring projects, perhaps collaborate together and put together inspiring teams.

Invite your friends to join

- This group will be moderated heavily
- Please invite Developers, Web Designers, Coders only.
- If you join this group please introduce yourself and what you do / who you represent.
- English only.
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