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Thank you for accepting my request to join this group. My name is Bill and I'm a developer! I'm skilled with Java, JS, CSS, HTML5, and more. Check my page. 

Recently, I used this in my C++ program:

-------------------BEGIN OF PSEUDO CODE-----------------
class Base {};

typedef void (Base::*MemFun)(const string &);

class Derived : public Base {
void someFunction(const string &argument);

addFun((MemFun)&Derived::someFunction, object); // Derived &object

void execute(const string &arg) {
--------------------END OF PSEUDO CODE------------------

I tested it and it works. My questions are: Is it safe? Is it portable? Is it OK to write such thing?
I know, I could wrap function call into some kind of class like
class CallInterface {
virtual operator()(const string &) = 0;
And use it but this way it's faster (in meaning of CPU usage and in meaning of writing code too) and easier.

What do you think?

I'm coding in C++ and I've come up with nice vim regexp. If you have class with function declarations and want to easily generate function definitions just use this:


(replace ClassName with name of your class)

So if you have
class Foo {
    void bar();

Just copy function declarations and regexp will do this for you:

Foo::bar() {
<one tab here>


Edit: Google+ has problems with asterisks (formatting), so I used pastebin.

Is there someone with cross-compilation experiences? I'd like to cross-compile .dll from Linux to Windows but I have problems with undefined references.

Scratchpad - Live CSS Editor http://scratchpad.io/zNNOaathzg

Any good explanation of differencies between C++98 and C++11?

#!/usr/bin/env python3.2

from david import David.about as description

description.set('''greetings.  i've got a number of practices under my belt, some more preferred than others.  i'll presently indicate some''')

description.properties.add({'lang':['python3', 'php', 'C', 'javascript', 'assembler']})

description.properties.add({'web':['html5', 'css3', 'jQuery']})



description.location.set('South Florida')

description.job.set('Network Security Engineer')

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As per initial post, kindly asking for introductions, I am a software developer working for +Opera, working on Opera Mini engine and iOS client application. Always in search for high quality food for thought.

Alex Conroy, founder and Co-President of +Esotech Inc. with +Bill Grunau. We are a team of Marketers, Developers and Designers. Our team is fully based in the USA.

We work primarily with Wordpress but also create custom systems in PHP or NodeJS using Database technology such as mySQL or MongoDB. 

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Always looking to contribute and learn about the latest in web development tech. I look forward to sharing with you all.
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