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Hey! I head up dev outreach at AngelHack. Let me know if you are interested in free tickets to their hackathons around the world! Find dates near you here: 

Hello All, 
Thank you for accepting my request to join this group. My name is Bill and I'm a developer! I'm skilled with Java, JS, CSS, HTML5, and more. Check my page. 

Recently, I used this in my C++ program:

-------------------BEGIN OF PSEUDO CODE-----------------
class Base {};

typedef void (Base::*MemFun)(const string &);

class Derived : public Base {
void someFunction(const string &argument);

addFun((MemFun)&Derived::someFunction, object); // Derived &object

void execute(const string &arg) {
--------------------END OF PSEUDO CODE------------------

I tested it and it works. My questions are: Is it safe? Is it portable? Is it OK to write such thing?
I know, I could wrap function call into some kind of class like
class CallInterface {
virtual operator()(const string &) = 0;
And use it but this way it's faster (in meaning of CPU usage and in meaning of writing code too) and easier.

What do you think?

I'm coding in C++ and I've come up with nice vim regexp. If you have class with function declarations and want to easily generate function definitions just use this:

(replace ClassName with name of your class)

So if you have
class Foo {
    void bar();

Just copy function declarations and regexp will do this for you:

Foo::bar() {
<one tab here>


Edit: Google+ has problems with asterisks (formatting), so I used pastebin.

Scratchpad - Live CSS Editor

Is there someone with cross-compilation experiences? I'd like to cross-compile .dll from Linux to Windows but I have problems with undefined references.

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I found this wonderful explanation of blocks, procs, and lambdas. It's all in Ruby but for you folks in the JavaScript world it's a good read. Lambdas == anonymous functions, JS uses a ton of  those and other closures.

Happy Monday everyone.

#!/usr/bin/env python3.2

from david import David.about as description

description.set('''greetings.  i've got a number of practices under my belt, some more preferred than others.  i'll presently indicate some'''){'lang':['python3', 'php', 'C', 'javascript', 'assembler']}){'web':['html5', 'css3', 'jQuery']}){'phone':['android']}){'OS':['Linux']})

description.location.set('South Florida')

description.job.set('Network Security Engineer')

Any good explanation of differencies between C++98 and C++11?
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