An outsider's notes

Chapter 01

There was a Tsunami in 2004. People were killed in huge numbers by the waves. After few days the bodies of the dead came ashore. Some saw this as a fortune and cut the fingers off these bodies to get the gold rings they were wearing. A strange debate began among the people, a debate about whether to eat or to not to eat Fish. They were worried about the fish eating dead bodies.

No one cared for the reality that these bodies one were people just like them. They did not cared for the fact that they were eating another kind "The Fish", But it was a huge deal for them that there was a big chance that fish might have eaten the human bodies, I find it hard to find a difference among the two kinds of dead bodies. One being nice and the other being horrible, i guess humans only feel sorry by their own dead and disgust only themselves once they see the dead bodies.

Meanwhile almost all of them were so stunned by the fact that life is "Impermanent", and they were talking about how lucky they were to escape the waves. But no one cared to mention how helpless they actually are in life. How hard it is t live the lustful life that they adore was simply out of the discussion. They were blind to the tragedy of living and moaned for the dead.

The pre-tsunami nature is to take the waves few meter back and calm the sea before the devastation begins. Some ran to the beach with buckets to catch the helpless fish and crabs on the beach.Seeing the expensive beach property of theirs has expanded they were very happy.

Poor ones even fought over the amount of land each will own until they were taken by the sea. Never knowing what a tsunami is they saw the end right there.The tragedy was that they had one thought before death, Greed.

They learned a lesson about "Greed" there, a lesson that should have learnt while they were alive. Too bad that they would not

remember it in their next life. Just like this one they will learn the greed in next life and go on trying to satisfy the never ending thirst, blind to the reality over and over again.

Namo Buddhaya!

The oldest lies

This here is a short list of beliefs that has survived in the Buddhist world that has no truth in them. Check your views and correct yourselves as it is essential to your success.

Devas are incapable of....

There is a big misunderstanding that beings in higher realms like Devas can't collect good Karma. These people believe that it is better to be born in the human realm than to be born in Deva realm and other realms. Their opinion is based upon a simple misunderstanding that they have. They think that Devas can only gain good Karma by being happy seeing good Karma done by others and they can't do good Karma by themselves. This is caused by lack of understanding in thee teaching.

They also say it is worse to be born a Deva because if your cycle of Karma is formed in a way in which a really bad karma is placed after to karma that got you to a higher realm, you could endup in a bad realm after being a Deva. This is also wrong because even though the their view on the cycle of Karma is correct it is forming a wrong view on the other end. Because this phenomenon is not exclusive to higher realms.

We all are in that danger right now. If we live in a way in which our cycle of Karma places a bad Karma as the next birth Karma we would also end up in a lower realm. If anything at least you get a longer life to practice the teaching as Deva. When it comes to the ability to learn Devas are the second of all beings.

The best example can be found in the first ever teaching by Lord Buddha. In that first teaching, lord Buddha was teaching to five former followers who abandoned their hope on Lord Buddha when the lord was still a sage who was in search of truth. Of all these five only one realized the teaching in the first time. But it is mentioned in the teaching that billions of Devas realized in that first teaching. When certain people were very close to death and did not have the potential to realize the teaching, Lord Buddha did one thing to save them and that is making their minds in a way that would give them a birth in Deva realm. So one should put these misunderstood theories away.

I'm vegan and i'm better....

There is no such teaching in which being vegan or vegetarian is expected from Buddhists. Once a Monk who wanted to be equal to Lord Buddha (this monk was lost because of ego and came to senses in the last moments of his life.) came to Lord Buddha to ask for five new rules to be approved. One of these was being vegetarian. The answer from Lord Buddha was that is a choice to be made by the person himself, and the lord never accepted the law.

The people who believe in this theory suggests that as indirect actions cause the death of animals, it is better to be vegan or vegetarian. This is very close to the views of a teacher in Lord Buddha's time called "Nighanta Natha Puththa". He taught that it is wrong to drink cold water because it kills very small beings in water. He even taught his followers to take a broom with them where ever they may go and to sweep the earth before taking a step. Lord Buddha did not agreed with this extreme form of righteousness and taught the middle way. Lord Buddha taught that only intentional actions create Karma and therefore there is no such need to be extreme.

The person who is eating is not creating Karma just because he has some meat on the plate. Lord Buddha defined the correct parameters of the situation in the behavior manual of the monks called "Vinaya Pitaka" in the Tipitaka.

Lord Buddha taught If a person did not....

Killed a being himself or herself

Ordered the killing

Asked for the killing

Contracted the killing

suggested or hinted for a killing

and has no impression that a killing was done to serve him or her

It is not wrong to accept a meal that includes Meat,Eggs,Fish or any such thing. So there is no connection with the path and vegetarianism.

Oh! were not there yet....

Some people think that they have a long way to go to reach the goals of the path. They say that they have a lot of things to be done to be worthy of such achievements. You can see them almost abandoning the actual spiritual part and only focusing on helping others and doing good karma. Even though these things are essential to the path, it is wrong to only focus on these and delay the spiritual part of the path.

What they should do to correct their view is very simple. First they should focus on Lord Buddha's last words, the lord did not asked us to gather good Karma and afterwards come to the spiritual path. Lord Buddha asked us to multitask, to do both at the same time.

These poor people say "We have a long way to go so we must help each other to the path and collect enough good Karma and Paramitha". What they do not realize is that Lord Buddha taught us to be quick and come to the path because we have already been born too many times even Lord Buddha abandoned trying to find a beginning. Lord Buddha directly asked us to fear birth and work towards to end it with Nirvana. What these people are saying is directly opposing what Lord Buddha taught to do. So to put it in simple mode, Planning lifetimes of good deeds is not a teaching of Lord Buddha, Planning to shorten the lifetimes to be lived before Nirvana is.

We have already gathered a lot and yes we must gather more while we are on the path. But it is time to do what must be done, Do not let anything distract you from gathering good Karma or practising the spiritual path. Because those two go hand in hand, not one after the other. And remember there is no insufficiency.

May the Triple Gems Bless You!

Namo Buddhaya!

The people who give reviews

Any Buddhist who search for the path ends up with a few misleading people preaching their own version of the teaching, But the worst of all is the people who are daring enough to give reviews on the teaching. The saddest thing is that these people think that they are doing a good thing and they choose to this as a way of using their expertise or knowledge. Some times these people are actual monks, when the state of things are like this we must stick with the teaching and refer the teaching to sharpen our perspective to keep it clean from personal theories.It is essential to look into the teaching to see what is actually going on.

As stated in Buddhism Lord buddha is the one who realized the truth without the help of a teacher or a teaching. And Buddhism also directly says that not even an Arahat is with equal to a Lord Buddha. It is stated in many occasions how even Arahats came to Lord Buddha to get advice. Buddhism clearly says that only a Lord Buddha is equal to another Lord Buddha and only Lord Buddha is capable of taking the teaching and giving definitions. This is proven by the fact that when asked to explain something Arahats referred Lord Buddha and only did it themselves if Lord Buddha wasn't present at that moment.

What should be the perspective on these Reviewers?

As none of these people are Arahats, it is clear that these people give definitions and reviews based on their own personal views and agendas. No matter how smart they think they are the fact remains simple as a true follower of Lord Buddha would only learn and practice to see the real fruits of Dhamma instead of giving reviews.

I personally had the chance to read a such review, That person was so daring, he even suggests that "Cakka vatti siha nada Sutta" is a work of fiction inspired by the great King Alexander. So according to this person the tipitaka is a work of fiction. Now if we take a look at what he indirectly means is that the very core of Buddhism "The Tipitaka" is a work of fiction. So if that's the case let's see what is left of Buddhism without the Tipitaka, well there is nothing because Tipitaka is the bundle of knowledge that Buddhism branches from.

So what this person has released to the world is that the very core of our teaching is a fable like work of fiction, so therefore someone who believes his version of the facts would simply take Buddhism itself as a work of fiction as there is nothing left after the Tipitaka. Now do you see where this ended up? It is very simple that these kind of reviews that does not happen in the correct viewpoints should be ignored.

The reason i had to write of this was that this article of this misguided person was used as a reference source in a reputed Buddhist web community. It really made me sad to think what would happen to anyone who accept these kind of theories, they would simply loose the path. And i do not even want to think about what would be the fate of these foolish people who are slaves to their own ego walking straight towards disaster like a blind one. May you receive the wisdom and sharp knowledge to come above these things on your paths.

May the triple gems bless you!
Namo Buddhaya!

How to be free

There is a question that everyone of us once encountered and millions of new Buddhists encounter every day. That question looks very simple and there are a lot of people to tell you how to do it too. But one might find himself or herself lost after seeing many different ways to do the same thing. The question that we all face is "How to be free from something?"
Lord Buddha taught us the way to do it, But a lot of people who did not had the chance to learn that teaching are wandering without a proper choice to move forward with. A lot of people seems to adopt a page from body building lessons, these people choose to willingly ignore or abandon the thing that they want to be free from. This is very common and also really interesting. It is good to look into this and see if it really works. And then we can see what Lord Buddha had to say about being free from something.

"I Don't" People....

We all know what dieting is, People choose not to eat or drink certain types of foods. By this they expect that they will loose weight. I myself tried this same method on something that i needed to improve on. And what i saw was that even though this method is famous and very effective in physical part of developing yourself it is not the same with the mental development. Now we are not talking about cravings here, What i mean is that sometimes people choose to refrain from something in this particular way. But once i saw the issue i corrected it. What was wrong?

Lord Buddha taught us that one should realize the sensations to be free from them. This sentence alone could have helped me a lot before but it took its own time to surface. According To the teaching, to be free from a Mental or any other sensation causing attachment. One should first understand the sensation, When a person understands this he or she understands that sensations are generated by Eyes,Ears,Tongue,Nose,Body & Mind meeting with Light,Sound,taste,Smell,Touch & Thoughts.

So sensations are a product of yourself. Now if we look at what happens later, the attachments or the collisions among thoughts and towards things. We understand that the Sensation has left a mark on your mind and the mind keeps it to use later. For example when you first tasted Chocolate it left a mark and now you remember it's taste and you are attached to it, and you might even have a craving for it now. This is how the mind works, It understands and keeps records. These records come to play once you meet with those things or once you entertain the thoughts that directly or indirectly point towards these memories or records.

To be free from this one must learn the teaching's take on the inner workings of the mind and use it to realize what it is truly happening. For this the best weapons are Mindfulness & Vipassana Meditation. Through good knowledge and proper meditation one can cross over to the other side of sensation. In which he or she is able to recognize sensations as what they truly are.

Now you might wonder what about the things beyond sensations, "How can i get rid of those things?" Once you see the world the normal way you might feel like this. But the fact is that there are only sensations not any other thing. If you take your life,family,car,job or children what you eventually end up with is nothing else but the faet that thoughts and sensations make the illusion of a person that does not exist (Anatman) and we chase a mirage called our lives when there is nothing but thoughts occurring and ceasing.

For example take your thoughts out of the equation and see if there is a person called you, did you saw someone? The illusion of a person create all the noise around us that we take so seriously, But in the end what we are struggling with is nothing but our own heads being the puppeteer.
May you all realize the sensations and be free, May the triple gems bless you!
Namo Buddhaya!
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