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Titanium Development In Dubai

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#Titanium #cold #drawing #Products

Size Range:
#Coil #Wire: Dia.1.6mm up to dia.6.0mm
Dia.1.6mm to dia.4.0mm +/-0.02mm
Dia.4.0mm to dia.6.0mm +/-0.03mm


could not find the file app.js ?.In xcode build to archive .

One more free widget 
Self validating textfield widget

I am looking for help setting up push notifications for my app. I have started looking at Titanium.Cloud.PushNotifications 
Does this allow me to setup my backend server to send push notifications to devices or does the notifications need to be sent from the Appcelerator Dashboard?

hi everyone,

new to titanium ,,, wanted to know how to install studio on a fresh mac ..... it has only out of the box software and settings.

would need a detail guide or instructions about everything from nodejs setup to how to take care of root/user permission

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Making an educational app for kids? Keep these points in mind...

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muy buenas tardes comunidad hoy vengo a pedirles una ayuda de manera urgente que tengo con titanium. 


Tengo un table view que se llena dinamicamente por un json por lo que tengo un clase donde esta la table. y en la otra tengo una clase con la row en esta row le ingreso  una imagen donde la coloco de backgroundImage y el texto  en ios se muestra de manera perfecta y en android me deja la tabla vacia. Nesecito esto de forma urgente si alguien me quiere colaborar se los agradeceria muchas gracias 

 How can i pass value of a custom property as an integer to another variable ?
What is default data type of a custom property value ? string ?
When i'm using var new_varible=custom_property_value, it's taking that value, but I can't push that in a array and can't match as a integer inside condition block.

What to do ? Help me.

Is a very cheap and nice alloy push to refresh ! worth to purchase it. Simple to use .!overview
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