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What a month it has been: Magnus reawakens; Circle K promotions; unique deploy badges; Operation Portal Recon leaving Beta... If April is the cruelest month then May is certainly the busiest!
Let's put a pin in it with Northwest Indiana Ingress United's annual First Saturday! A town square packed with portals. Two-- I said two-- banners to complete. Lots of free public parking at this cross faction event. And did I mention: tons of AP for the taking!
See you at high noon next to the Crown Point Fountain for check in.,-87.362495&z=16

Oh gosh we have this?


What's up everyone! I'm Doomsy
Nice to meet you all =^.^=

Sneaking into Lafayette for a few days. How active is this community?

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Level 10!

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If you are in Indy the next three days, please feel free to participate.
Operation Green Eggs and Ham (Indianapolis Area)

As a thank you to the Ingress community for the last two years in Indiana we have planned an operation open to both RES and ENL.

Selected ENL agents will be delivering eggs with messages from the Shapers at portals they take on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The eggs will contain prizes, including 7 gold dollar coins.

On Saturday night we will be meeting at the Broad Ripple Brew Pub at 6:00pm to award the winners who have found the most eggs in each faction and the overall winner of our game-within-a-game.

We'll post a sitrep to congratulate the winners and present the overall winner with a ham. :)

Please share this mission with any ENL or RES players that might be interested.

Agent Clues:

Aeon Flux
Get-away-car driver

This operation is sponsored by the Enlightened Indiana operations group.

#Ingress #Resistance   #Enlightened   #Niaops   +Joe Philley 
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I now have my official Hacker credentials.

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A quick excerpt from the rules of the games we all know and love.

Trespass: Don't trespass while playing Ingress (and don't try to lawyer that guideline, just respect it). Do not access any property or location while playing the game if you're not sure you have the right to be there. Use good judgement and take responsibility for your actions.

QAZZY, play the game by the rules or don't play.  Pretty basic.

You ignored the signs, you ignored the COMM call that you clearly heard as you replied to it, and stayed another 10 min or so.

#QAZZY   #Trespassing  

(Edited to add report #:  [8-6398000​004978]  )
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I've reached level 6 as an #Ingress agent.
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