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【Pray for Tainan Cross faction art-台南祈福紙鶴共繪活動】


2016 年 2 月 6 日凌晨台灣南部地區發生大地震,在台南永康歸仁新化等地造成了百餘人死亡的災難。今天3月 6 日剛好是地震滿一個月的日子,身為ingress的探員,我們選擇透過共繪祈福紙鶴的方式來表達我們對事件的關心,希望用不同方式為台南加油,並嘗試著想讓更多人知道這件事,讓世界看見。



On Feb. 6th, the Lunar New Year’s eve, a terrible earthquake happened in our hometown, Tainan, Taiwan. Several buildings collapsed in the earthquake, which caused hundreds of people dead and also injured in this disaster. 

On Mar. 6th, one month after of the earthquake, we, ingress agents including Resistance and Enlightened of Tainan, made a paper crane through building control fields which were covering the Tainan city, hoping all the people who suffering in this earthquake will get well soon. 

Staying strong and keeping the faith. We’ll better than before. Meanwhile, we are very thankful for all the rescue teams and volunteers. 

Let us pray together through this paper crane.

Event Leader:@BLUETABO
Event Deputy Leader :@rainchang @knem
Intel Group:@huakevin @BLUETABO @Akiyuya
Block Clear Group :@knem @mmkentmm @semislight @monbelee @AKDrummer @ryainnn @GreancapTW @zzssyy @georgelin @KadeWang @RedArch @WingsYC @Wonderfu @frankae86 @jummi
Linker:@semislight @mmkentmm @ryainnn @Wonderfu @zzssyy @RedArch @GreancapTW
Key Farmer :@semislight @KadeWang @mmkentmm @monbelee @GreancapTW @WingsYC @knem
Record :@elevenyeast @rainchang

Event Leader:@juliarabbit919
Event Deputy Leader :@kgiondg @jim831001
Intel Group:@paxxxxxxxx @juliarabbit919
Block Clear Group :@kgiondg @jim831001 @F14CIM @chuncheng @rick50611 @Lagittarius @BubblesDream @TsTy @SalleySunburst @pocketsa @sf228 @NRay @Zoe0000 @SunnyHD @Lamtical @YangXiaoSha @Rettt @rockrirdcth @DestroyGhost @YummYGhost @flattire010131 Linker:@rick50611 @SalleySunburst @NRay @SunnyHD @Lamtical @YangXiaoSha @DestroyGhost @APECOOL @Rettt
Key Farmer :@SalleySunburst @DestroyGhost @Zoe0000 @jim831001

+NIA Ops 
+Niantic Project 
+John Hanke 
+Masashi Kawashima 
+Kento Suga 
+Carlie Chiu 
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Ingress APK Teardown [1.92.1] brought to you by +Connor Tumbleson​. Check out the sexy new capsule features!

#Ingress #NianticLabs #FevGames

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#Obsidian Anomaly Medal Details

As we also stated in the article: Please do not jump to conclusions until more official details emerge.

#FevGames #Ingress #Niantic

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Just under 6 weeks left until Onyx Sojourner Medal Day!

Are you one of the agents who has been hacking all this time? If so, be sure to follow us and join our event below. Thanks to +Anker Official we have some fantastic prizes to give away!

Good luck agents!

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12 ລະເດີ້!!!

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"Not all mysteries are solvable.  But the joy comes in the pursuit." - Hank Johnson

Agents, we hope you are enjoying an awesome summer.  For Q3 we are focusing on #MissionDay  and #FirstSaturday  events (including this weekend).  Check out the full schedule at  #Abaddon begins in October 2015.  Be ready.

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XM Anomaly Report: #Persepolis 03 Tohoku; 04 Utrecht; 05 Portland.

June 20, 2015

Tohoku, Japan [P] --
Jakarta, Indonesia [s] --
Perth, Australia [s] --

Utrecht, The Netherlands [P] --
Helsinki, Finland [s] --
Liverpool, UK [s] --
Poznan, Poland [s] --

Portland, OR, USA [P] --
Ft. Collins, CO, USA [s] --
Milwaukee, WI, USA [s] --
Nashville, TN, USA [s] --

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