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THE LAST BOOK IN THE HOLY BIBLE CALLED THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST - Revealing Coming Future Events Impacting All Mankind. This Is A Must Hear Narration For All Because The Future Of Mankind Is Written By GOD In These Pages Of Holy Scriptures.

Friends, have you read THE BOOK OF REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST yet? If not - Pastor encourages you to listen to REVELATION prayerfully narrated by Pastor and uploaded for all to access on Youtube.

Every Christian needs to find out what GOD has revealed in The Holy Bible concerning coming events that are already shaping up in world events breaking out almost every month around the world in these Last Days Immediately Preceding THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS CHRIST.

When you have heard what is Soon Coming Upon Earth and the Future that awaits mankind - your outlook in life after encountering GOD'S WORD will never be the same again.

You will start living your life for GOD with Eternity as your new Top Priority! Nothing matters more than making sure your soul is secured for Eternity with GOD. Amen.

Listen to it. Also Download it to your PC, Mobile Phone. Freely Share it to many for the Glory Of GOD.

May GOD bless you wonderfully today and always. Amen. Pastor Ben Soon.

Listen To: THE BOOK OF REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST - Prayerfully Read To Bless You by Pastor Ben Soon

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Hallelujah! MAKE 2018 YOUR NEW BEGINNING YEAR! The Old Year is past. Now begins a brand NEW YEAR that gives you a NEW HOPE and A FRESH START IN LIFE.

Pastor Wishes All: "HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 That Is Filled With GOD'S Many Blessings Of Joy, Peace And The Precious Love Of GOD. Amen."

Friends, Do you know the best start to 2018 is making sure you are a True Born Again Christian? Nothing is more important than knowing where your soul will goto in Eternity.

Yes, ARE YOU BEARING THE TRUE FRUITS OF CONVERSION? This Is A Very Important Message Specially For New Christians And Also For Older Christians.

Listen to the sermon below and you will be shown what are the True Fruits Of Conversion that every True Born Again Christian will exhibit in their life - for some more fruits are seen and for some lesser fruits are seen.

If no fruits are visible in your life, then it is questionable whether you are a truly saved soul before GOD! If in doubt, Pastor advises you to open your heart to JESUS and in sincere faith in prayer before GOD, make a fresh commitment to ask JESUS to forgive your sins and to accept JESUS CHRIST as your SAVIOR and your LORD.

Yes, at the end of the sermon, you will be given an Invitation To Invite JESUS CHRIST Into Your Life To Be Your SAVIOR And Lord. Pastor will lead you in prayer to make your fresh commitment to follow, trust and obey JESUS CHRIST. Amen.


Friends, How are you doing? We are now into the early hours of NEW YEAR 2018. GOODBYE 2017 - WELCOME 2018.

Have you thanked GOD for the year's many blessings? We must if we say we love GOD and our Lord and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!

Yes, Thank You FATHER, THANK YOU JESUS, THANK YOU HOLY SPIRIT. We love you and praise you for your great love and mercies you shower upon us each day. Amen and Amen.

Pastor rejoices in JESUS daily and is very blessed serving our SAVIOR and pray you are too.

Keep close to JESUS always and know that you are precious to our SAVIOR. Rejoice in JESUS and may GOD'S wonderful blessings be with you today and always. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 To All. GOD bless you mightily. Pastor Ben Soon.


Friends, If you are a New Believer In JESUS, you need to receive spiritual food to help you grow and mature in your new life with JESUS.

Begin by regularly setting aside some time like 10 to 15 minutes each day to read and study the Holy Bible. You need to pray, give thanks to GOD for loving you and to learn more about GOD'S WORD. 

You also need to spend time with other Christian Believers who can help, encourage and guide you in your new walk with JESUS. Attend a church or join a Christian house group as soon as possible so you may have fellowship with one another.

Continue in your faith daily and read GOD'S WORD everyday. If you do not have a good, sound Study Bible, please go and buy one from your local Christian Bookshop or your Church Bookshop if available.

If you cannot find a Christian Bookshop - you can ask your Church Pastor to help you buy one. Pastor recommends a very good Study Bible that you can buy and use to help you grow spiritually: It is called "THE MACARTHUR STUDY BIBLE - NKJV VERSION".

If this is not available, you can use another very good Study Bible called: "THE NKJV STUDY BIBLE".

Take Note: A True Believer In JESUS CHRIST is a New Creation In JESUS CHRIST. Know that GOD now has supernaturally given you GOD'S HOLY SPIRIT to reside inside you to be your COMFORTER and Help and to guide and teach you GOD'S Truth. You now have the nature of CHRIST in you.

As a True Believer, you will with time grow in your daily walk with JESUS and you will continue to remain in your faith, to follow and abide in JESUS until the day GOD calls you HOME to HEAVEN. 

With time, your life will also begin to show evidence of a true spiritual transformation showing the fruits of True Conversion that you belong to JESUS.

Remember, wherever you are, Pastor earnestly encourages you to locate a Bible Believing and Bible Preaching Church that honors JESUS CHRIST, that is near to you and ask to speak with the Pastor there. 

Let the Pastor know that you have ACCEPTED JESUS CHRIST TO BE YOUR SAVIOR AND LORD and you would like to fellowship with the Church and to learn and grow strong in your new walk with JESUS. May GOD bless you mightily and keep you safe in His Fold always. Amen.

Important Note: Please Also Watch This Very Important Sermon that Pastor has specially prepared for you as listed below.

Everyone who professes to follow JESUS CHRIST needs to know clearly what GOD says concerning the Fruits Of True Conversion that will with time be evident in the life of a True Believer In JESUS CHRIST.

Yes, It is Very Important that we each must do a personal spiritual examination before GOD to make sure the Fruits Of True Conversion can be seen in our daily life as a True Bornagain Christian.

If these Fruits Of True Conversion are not seen present, then it is likely you have not truly accepted JESUS CHRIST into your life to be your SAVIOR and LORD.

Therefore, you will need to Urgently Repent before GOD and in true sincere confession in prayer Make A New Commitment To Ask JESUS CHRIST to forgive your sins and grant you GOD'S Gift Of Eternal Life and invite JESUS to come into your life to be your SAVIOR and LORD.

Come often to our Google+ Page so you may fellowship here and receive sound spiritual nourishment for your soul. GOD bless you. Pastor Ben Soon.


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