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Facebook gave at least 60 device makers detailed access to user data
A former Facebook employee who led third-party ad and privacy compliance, Sandy Parakilas, noted that the program was controversial even within Facebook. "This was flagged internally as a privacy issue," he said. "It is shocking that this practice may still continue six years later, and it appears to contradict Facebook's testimony to Congress that all friend permissions were disabled."

The issue has also caught the attention of the US government. "Sure looks like Zuckerberg lied to Congress about whether users have 'complete control' over who sees our data on Facebook," tweeted Rhode Island Congressman (D) and consumer privacy advocate David Cicilline. "This needs to be investigated and the people responsible need to be held accountable."

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Make Sense

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Facebook pivoting to blockchain
David Marcus quickly confirmed that he will no longer be running Messenger and instead will lead the way to crypto-heaven. Markus tweeted the news, as one does, and linked to a note on his Facebook page that does the usual thanking of colleagues for “a remarkable journey.” He also said that it’s time for him “to take on a new challenge” which will involve “setting up a small group to explore how to best leverage Blockchain across Facebook, starting from scratch.” He added, “onward!”

That’s about all we know regarding this new venture for Facebook. Recode notes that, as the former President of PayPal, Marcus has lots of experience with payments. He’s also a member of the board for cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase.

I'm gunna just go ahead and predict they call it fcoin.

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If you use WhatsApp for encrypted communication... it might be time to stop
Never should have trusted a Facebook run app...

The issues at stake include Facebook's demand for more user data being attached to WhatsApp profiles—in spite of the app's buyout including promises that it would "remain autonomous and operate independently." Dwoskin reports that, during one change to WhatsApp's terms of service, Facebook bosses wanted to create user-specific profiles that could reach across platforms like Facebook and Instagram—and thus be used "for ad-targeting or for Facebook’s data-mining."

More recently, according to the report, Koum and other WhatsApp staffers struggled with Facebook's desire to make its new Whatsapp For Business product "easier for businesses to use its tools." This would apparently require weakening WhatsApp's existing end-to-end encryption—a feature that the company added to its weak-at-the-time encrypted-messaging services in 2016. (If you're keeping score, that 2016 rollout still had issues, including a lack of notifications when a user's encryption key has changed.)

As Dwoskin points out, Whatsapp's other co-founder, Brian Acton, has been far more vocal of his Facebook disapproval since leaving the company in November. He's done so directly by posting support of a "#DeleteFacebook" movement, and he's indirectly made the point by contributing $50 million to the Signal Foundation, which develops and supports the encrypted-messaging app Signal (arguably Whatsapp's largest competition as of late).

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Bad Lip Reading - Interrogating Zuckerberg
Bad Lip Reading finally made a video of Mark Zuckerberg's recent interrogation by the US government. It's pretty accurate. hahahah

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Actually, in a world of fake news this is probably something most should see.

In the video, Obama appears to say a handful of questionable things in the name of fake news, like, "Killmonger was right!" and "President Trump is a total and complete dipshit".
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