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these guys are the mascots of the community 

و اعدوا لهم ما استطعتم من قوة 😎💪
🔥 ✴ 💉 💣 🔫🔪👊

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Traits symbols by animals

Hacker= Jelly fish 
Caring= Lama 
Social= Parrot 
Dull= Tuna 
Free= Kangaroo 
Hyper= Lemur
Flexible= Frog 
Deadly= Orca
Powerhouse= Polar bear
Avenger= Eagle
Creepy= Coyote
Athletic= Jaguar 
Cheerful= Clownfish 
Leftist= Pig
Lazy= cat
Honorable= Horse 
Sensitive= Fox
Weird= Snail
Genius= Rabbit
Loud= Dog
Thief= Seal 
Deep= Whale 
Selfish= Seagull 
Anonymous= Mole 
Cute= Hamster
Swindler= Brown bear 
Agile= Baboon 
Rare= Panda 
Skillful fighter= Tiger 
Generous= Orangutan
Venomous/infected= Cobra 
Barbaric= Wolf
Adventurer= Leopard 
Optimistic= Elephant 
Homeless= Rat
Beauty/handsome= Goat
Arrogant= Hawk 
Strong memory= Donkey 
Poor= Crow
Healthy= Gazelle 
Wealthy= Falcon 
Sharp= Shark
Depressed= Vulture
Calm= Camel 
Sneaky/untrusted= Hyena 
Cruel= Crocodile 
Tyrant= Scorpion 
Hot tempered= Ibex
Aggressive= Hippo
Entertaining = Chimpanzee 
Brave= Lion
Starving= Giraffe
Loyal= Dolphin 
Slaved= Shrimp
Endurance= Jackal

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Lollipop with +Scorpion​ flavor 

+Error Macro+Ada Wong

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Lollipop with +Ada Wong​ flavor

+Scorpion+Error Macro

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Lollipop with +Error Macro​ flavor 

+Scorpion+Ada Wong
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