Digital marketing: Content Strategy

Google have updated PANDA again - Panda V4.0 and it seems more important that ever to have a killer content strategy in place for your website.

I'm pulling together a set of things that a content strategy would contain and a base plan that we could all use if we wanted to. 

Is anyone interested in such a thing?

Marketing Plans. Your Client Avatar

Starting off with your target audience have you defined the perfect avatar or client profile?
Something like, my perfect client is:
Married or single:
Business Owner or employee / Member of the public
Type of house they live in
Do they have children / how many
Type of car they drive
Holidays they take

I think you get the idea. It's a challenging process dot do on your own so discuss it with others if you need to.

once you've defined your perfect client you'll be more able to mould your product and service around them; more able to answer their questions BEFORE they know they have a question and more easily understand their wants and needs.

Having a solid marketing strategy and plan seems a common problem for many of us.

Can we work together to create a generic strategy that we could all develop for our own businesses?

Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing all connected together with a framework plan around it.

Maybe a shared Google Document that we all contribute to ?
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