I know the VOC isn't big on helicopters, but I just got off the phone with Blackcomb Aviation and it's $460 for a load of five people to get dropped on top of Rainbow. That means booking a heli is cheaper than a lift ticket at Whistler, and you eliminate the approach, seems like a killer option if you've only got a day and want to get as much vertical as possible...

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The CAC asked me to promote a membership drive they have going. Membership is only $20 and gets you news letters and an invite to the AGM and right now, if you join you get entered to win a free couple of nights at any ACC hut you like. Membership is primarly about kicking a little cash over to the CAC, it's a solid source of revenue for them (and also helps them know where to focus their attentions). Head over to avalanche.ca/cac/membership for more info.

The problem with SPOT devices is the panic they cause when you hit them. We were skiing out around Keith's hut when we made contact with a party with an injured skier (blown knee). We carried the guy back to the hut and hit the SOS button on my SPOT (dragging him all the way to the cars without a rescue sled would have been possible, but dumb, considering the safety of a warm hut and the ease with which SAR could get there). Got back to cell phone range to find my family in panic. I need to program an 'I need SAR for someone else' button on my SPOT. This is the second time in as many years that my Mom's been subjected to a SPOT induced panic attack where I've been fine and just assisting someone else.

Hey VOC, I'm planning to do some skiing on the Coquihalla in early January. Any recommendations for peaks or areas to ski? I've read a bit online about Thar Peak, but haven't ever been.
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