(Rp open) dawn was talking to someone and you wandered who it was so you then walk on over to me

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(RP) *Me and Hikari are off trying to chase a creature that's cheekily ruining everything in school. She runs into +Lui Ø​ and smiles at him cheekily*

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(RP) Kiyon and Vera are out at night, chatting by the bridge

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(RP) Some strange noises are coming from my bedroom

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(RP) Kiyon and Vera are out on a bridge sleeping in the middle of the night...

(Yes, I had to draw the scene)

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emmalynne was walking down the street, her hair was dyed blue and after being gone for so long no one really remembered her
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Name: Atari
Last name: none
Nickname: "Lore"
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Magic: Usage of powers based on modern legends and lore

~known relations~
Mom: deceased
Dad: deceased
Brother: unknown
Sister: unknown
Crush: none
Friends: none
Master: Kiyon
Sexuality: Male

~other info~
Hair color(s): Black
Eye colors: Silver
Main clothes:Wears anything when in the mood.
Weapons: Pistols
Crystal: Purple

Bio: He was a lone orphan who barely survived day by day until being taken in one day by Kiyon, who happened to pass by while he fought against a few street urchins who tried to steal the little that he had to eat. Kiyon taught him how to use his powers, but warned him that the ability would leave him with little ability to survive more than a few hard hits. His power, however, is unique, and can summon the powers of beings and monsters from modern lore. He seems to prefer using lore under the modern name "Creepy Pasta" due to the potency of their abilities. He now acts as a loyal assisstant to Kiyon, traveling wherever his master goes.
Club: none
(Not asking for moderator's approval, since I am one. Oh well.)
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((I've added some things, I hope its alright))

Name: Daphne Lunaia

Last name: Lunaia
Nickname: Daph, Loony ("You call me that, you're dead!)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Light~ Moon (Primary)
~She can form orbs of moonlight from moonbeams and they can be then used as weapons that are the size and density of a softball. They, though, are mostly used as little faerie lights and not as weapons

~She can also heal herself using moonlight. now this doesnt mean like, she's been impaled through the stomach, OH! moon light, I'm healed. No, I mean like, she breaks a bone, it can be healed twice as fast, but still not instantly. Flesh wounds heal faster than internal ones and others wounds heal faster too if she's healing them with light. She can only heal, too, if the moonlight is in water.

Nature~ Healing and potion making
In her time in the wood, she grew stronger with her powers, which lead her to branch out into forms of nature magic, making healing potions from the water touched by the moonlight, and other herbs and plants.

Mom: Sunshine "Sunny" Anne Lunaia
Dad: George Lunaia
Brother: None
Sister: an older sister who passed at only 2 months old. her name was Raine. she actually drowned herself. (She was named Raine and was, too, an Elementalist who her parents didnt know could make it rain... and she drowned in her own puddle)
Crush: none currently
Friends: the Moon
Sexuality: Straight

Hair color(s): Light brown/blonde
Eye color: brown
Main clothes: Usually black dresses with heeled or platformed boots
Weapons: her orbs are sort of it...
Jewel Colour: a Celestial blue purple that looks like it has bits of moondust in it (See pictue)

Daphne was born to Sunny and George Lunaia in a small house in the industrial mill town, Bolton, in Northern England. Growing up, she felt a special connection to the moon, and this only grew more evident when small orbs of moonlight started forming and dancing around her bed at night. She was about 5 when it started. She would trap orbs of the moonlight in jars and hide them in the floor boards, so when her mother came to check on her at night, her moonlight wouldnt have to go away.

when she was about 8 or 9, she finally gained control over the orbs and could form them at will. she called them her Faerie lights. When she was 10, she ran away from home and got lost in the woods. eventually she came across a small pond in the heart of the wood, and at midnight, the reflection of the moon off the pond drew Daphne into the water... she had had cuts on her legs, her stockings torn and bloodied, from her running through the brush and thorns, but when Daphne came back out of the water, her legs were healed again.

Again, another year, then two, then four passed of her being lost in the wood, a wood where the moon seemed to stay high in the night, and a sky which seemed to be guiding her. She sustained herself in solitude for years on a simple diet of wild herbs and berries, until she found herself here...

Club: Art, Music, and Dance

Personality: spiritual, bubbly, very in tune with nature, and especially with the celestial heavens. she's almost connected to the moon and it gives her power.

Strengths: the nighttime, being under the moonlight, clear nights, water

Weaknesses: stormy or cloudy nights, darkness

Likes: clear nights, being out of doors, especially in the night time, meeting new people and making new friends, though she does also like being secluded and meditating under the moon.

Dislikes: being in a crowd for too long (As she spent about 5 years alone in the woods with only the moon as her friend, moonless nights.

Fears: being in pitch darkness with no light at all, losing her connection to the Moon


"even in the darkest moments, there will always be a light"~Sunshine to a baby Daphne

Faceclaim~ Stevie Nicks (Not for every picture, but mainly, yes, stevie)

Theme song~ Rhiannon~ Stevie Nicks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1XSvMyuL2o
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Name: Rune

Last Name: Hollick

NickName: Dark Melody

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Magic: Dark Music, Dark Magic, Time Seeker(Very Rare.), Knowledge Keeper(Very Intelligent.).


Mom: Dead.

Dad: Oliver Hollick

Brother: None

Sister: None

Crush: Open

Friends: Open

Sexuality: Straight


Hair Color(s): Dark Brown

Eye Color: Grey

Main Outfit: (Below)

Weapons: 3 Enchanted Knives (Pics Below)

Jewel Color: Misty/Foggy White (Pic Below)


Bio: Not Much Is Known About Her Past.

Club: (I want her to be Leader of Music Club)
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dawn was in his dorm reading when you knocked on the door erm who's there
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