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Option 2: My activity could be used in the early years (ideally Kindergarten to Pre Primary). It would be based around the book "Rosie's Walk" by Pat Hutchins. After reading the book, the teacher would set up an obstacle course based around the book. The children would then have to complete the obstacle course in the same sequence as Rosie did, which encourages them to employ sequential thinking #cserTask6

#cserTask7 option 2
Grade 2 enjoyed using bee bots to write their first initial. We were lucky enough to have experienced grade 5 friends to offer support. Letter S is tricky!

Option 2: Students use binary to write their name and spelling words #cserTask3

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#csertask6 option2
This is a fun sequencing task for the early years, especially if the teacher brings real ingredients.

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This is a fantastic idea!
Option 1:
In my 5/6 classroom, after students have completed reading a Lit Circles book, they write a book review on Google Docs. This is then converted into a QR code and is glued into the back page of the novel. Students in other classes (or in future years) can scan the QR code to see whether that book would be of interest to them.


I'm Ceri. I teach a Year 5/6 in Keith, SA.

Hi! I am looking forward to working my way through this fabulous course, developing a deeper understanding of digital technologies and helping our students confidently use and create new technologies.

Hello. My name is Ben. I am an ES1 teacher from Lismore, NSW. #networking

Hello, Prep Teacher here :-) Looking for easy and practical ways to implement digital technologies with my class.
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