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ωєℓ¢σмє тσ тнє ¢ιя¢υѕ σƒ ρнαηтσмѕ..~! вє ¢αяєƒυℓ ησω, ∂єαя.. ∂ση'т ωαηт уσυ ∂ιѕαρρєαяιηg ℓιкє тнє σтнєяѕ..~


Hello and welcome to the Community!
My name is Silenced Rose, but you can either call me Mama or Marcy!
I welcome you with open arms and I hope you enjoy your stay here~

This is set-up in the Victorian Time Era!

Read the entire post, follow the rules, and enjoy yourself~

Community made on: WED. 3RD MAY. 2017

Community Hangouts Chat:


The very first thing I want you lovely members to read are the RULES!
They're not too bad, no. Hopefully they won't be difficult to follow either..~

● No NSFW.
Penalty against this will result in two automatic warnings

●Your character must be accepted before you roleplay.
Penalty against this will be a quick talk and the post being deleted

●You can make as many characters as you wish! As long as you keep track of them..~

●Here are the mandatory fields required for your profile to be accepted:
Name :
Age :
Gender :
Specialty :
Rank :

Skills :

Appearance :
Personality (be descriptive!) :
Bio (Must be more than a few sentences) :

●No spam. This means unrelated posts (ex. Share or this will kill you at 2:09am) and posting many times within a short time frame.
Penalty against this will result in a warning

●Don’t purposely copy other’s names… there are many websites to help you find an original name if you’re stuck.

*●No posting other communities. Only moderators can post communities once a month !
Penalty against this will lead to the post being deleted

●No character control or killing other’s OCs without warning in an RP.
Penalty against this, if there are too many issues, will result in a warning

●Any “mean” behaviour is not tolerated. This goes from making someone feel left out to being racist or telling them to commit suicide, ect. You only get one chance with this. After that you will be reported to google, blocked, and banned.

Feel free to ask any questions!


Next, I'd like for you to look at the positions that are open for you lovelies~
Once you read through these, I will explain what each group does and how they influence the Circus.

● Ring Leader●
Morgiana Fleur | A. K. A | Phantom

● Ring Apprentice●

● Leader Juggler ●
Diote | A. K. A | ?

● Second-Stringing Jugglers ●
Julia Mikaelson | A. K. A | Jester
. . .

● Lead Snake Dancer ●
Dezzi Moreau | A.K.A | Fortune

● Second-Stringing Snake Dancers ●
Brittney | A. K. A. | Viper
Sam | A. K. A. | Violet
. . .

● Lead Silk Dancer ●
Being Held for Dishonest

● Second-Stringing Silk Dancer ●
Camaiyelle | A. K. A. | Cat Dancer
Ophelia | A. K. A. | Magnolia
Mayflower | A. K. A. | Rose
. . .

● Lead Trapeze Artists ●
Nimphus Ariel | A. K. A. | ?
. . .

● Second-Stringing Trapeze Artists ●
Corisande Faure | A.K.A | Bambi
Liori Ilena Dinatria Hasdeu | A. K. A | ?
Heather | A. K. A. | Swinging Rabbit
Wisteria | A. K. A. | ?
Rowan | A. K. A. | Mirage
Memphis | A. K. A. | Finch
. . .

● Lead Beast Tamer ●
Sebastien Ashe | A. K. A. | Beast

● Second-Stringing Beast Tamers ●
Leon Ashe | A. K. A | Raion
Alois | A. K. A. | Domino
Jax | A. K. A. | Bingo
. . .

● Lead Tightrope Walker ●
Tokyo Rise | A. K. A. | Flying Risk

● Second-Stringing Tightrope Walkers ●
Crystal ? | A. K. A. | ?
Vanellope | A. K. A. | Doll
Hailee | A. K. A. | Symphonia
Jezalin | A. K. A. | ?
Annalise | A. K. A. | Sei
. . .

● Lead Dagger Tosser ●
Being Held for Hollow

● Second-Stringing Dagger Tossers ●
Talia | A. K. A. | Captain
. . .

● Lead Fire Breather ●
Agni Samael | A. K. A. | Flame King

● Second-Stringing Fire Breathers ●
Takeo | A. K. A. | Yin
Tatsuo | A. K. A. | Yang
Scooter | A. K. A. | Ignis
. . .

● Leading Freak ●
Elias Kodak | A. K. A | Lizard Boy

● Freaks ●
Ram Soon | A. K. A. | Devil Kid
Elizabeth Stern | A. K. A. | Night Terror
Megan | A. K. A. | Sparkles
Madi | A. K. A. | ?
Maiee | A. K. A. | Gemstone
Lily | A. K. A. | Bambi
Lavender | A. K. A. | Fae
Jexi | A. K. A. | Queen's Cards


● Ring Leader●
The Ring Leader calls the shots in the Circus. She decides when and where they'll perform, and WHO will perform. Circus Performers go to her when they want something, big or small.
The Ring Leader does not perform. She introduces those performing and walks around the tent, collecting tips from wealthy visitors.
She sells the tickets before the show and she also does the advertising in the city!

● Ring Apprentice●
If the Ring Leader is sick or out, the Apprentice will collect the money and sell the tickets. If it's completely needed, they'll also go out to advertise, though it's very rare when they have to.

The Leaders perform nearly every night. They represent their team.
They will teach and discipline those coming into the Circus to learn. They will look after their team and fall responsible if they misbehave.

Second-Stringers learn daily. They don't perform unless their team Leader wishes for them to. They spend their days in the practicing tent and follow the orders of their ''Captain''. If they misbehave, they usually end up having to skip dinner and spend the night training.

● Leading Freak ●
The Leading Freak is the Freak that opens for the others. They introduce everyone before going on with their tricks. Once they're finished, they go to the back to count the tickets and money.

● Freaks ●
_Freaks all have a different show routines. They sing, dance, use their deformities for crazy tricks, etc.
Fortunately, no one in the circus calls them freaks, which makes them feel welcome. However, those against the circus will try to bully them... Which will lead to the Ringer Leader becoming a raging bitch.


Everyone in the circus is dead.
Hence the name "phantom". They don't look dead, they aren't see-through, and they have solid, physical appearances.
Though, the only reason they perform is not only for the money.. It's for the energy of the visitors.

The energy helps their life sources, which keeps them living longer.
If they cannot bring in more than thirty people into a show daily, their camp will just disappear. Worry not, they aren't dead.. they merely went to the next city.
However, if they go a month without energy, one by one, a circus performer's life source will slip away and disappear.
The Ring Leader is the eldest phantom, and she tries her best to keep her pupils alive, as she doesn't want them to end up like her last circus family.

Weekly, I will be posting a new city name and where it's located.
That will be where the circus is to perform.
The category "City" means that there can be human profiles!
People can roleplay as humans and have them talk with the circus performers, though a human cannot join the circus.

The circus slowly grows in numbers, as the only way for them to gain more performers is for someone to die and for them to not belong to neither heaven nor hell.

Keep in mind, if a human trespasses on circus territory without permission and after hours... They disappear..~


Thank you for reading..~


¢σмє σηє, ¢σмє αℓℓ тσ тнє ¢ιя¢υѕ σƒ ρнαηтσмѕ..~!

hel l a

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(Closed to +нσllσω​)

sorry if this sucks i have 0 inspiration anymore

Ayame, was sitting outside the Silk Dancers tent. Her black and red wolf mask covered her face, and she slowly, sat down on the soft, lush grass. She, looked up at the stars, and a small smile appeared on her face. She, sensed someone walking up to her. All she said was a small. Yes? As she turned towards you, the sleeves of her Kimono slightly moved in the wind. You...

Closed rp with +Beee (Em) (cant tag sorry)

Crystle sighed, sitting outside of the tents. She yawned, it was silent, the wind was blowing. She looked at the grass, she sighed. She got up, hearing the footsteps of another phantom, she looked at them. ``Hey.`` She said, politely. (Rip short start sorri I'm tired its 11 pm so)


anyone? rp? revive the community that way?

Would anyone like to rp?

maybe I should make my own template for this thing, cuz y not, I also had an idea of putting a last name and an aka thing, the idea came from marcy
This is the 3/4 ocs I'll be having, but its midnight here so I'm going to sleep, dear god I cant believe I stood up for 31 minutes after 12 JUST to make a new oc to play with because that one idea just popped into my head

< W e l c o m e >

< P l e a s e - R e q u e s t - F i l e - A c c e s s >

< A r e - Y o u - S u r e - Y o u - W a n t - T o - R e q u e s t - A c c e s s ? >

< S e n d i n g >

< R e q u e s t - V i e w e d - B y - F i l e - M o d e r a t o r >

< R e q u e s t - A c c e p t e d >

< O p e n i n g - F i l e >


< L o a d i n g 20% >


< L o a d i n g 50% >


< L o a d i n g 70% >


< L o a d i n g 100% >

< F i l e - O p e n >

{} :{}: Lilly Kingstone :{}: {}


{} :{}: King's Flower :{}: {}
{}{}Second stringing-silk dancer{}{}









{}{}Loud, large crowds{}{}

{}{}Talking to random people{}{}

{}{}Dead flowers{}{}

{}{}Has Stage Fright{}{}

{}{}Is Allergic to cats{}{}
{}{}{}{}:{}:Cause of Death:{}:{}{}{}{}

Lilly lived with wealthy parents, with an older sister, too, she usually loved playing with her older sister the classic game, tag. She loved running around and teasing her sister, that changed, though. As Lilly grew older, her sister started to hate her more. Lilly had gone to school every day like a normal kid, and when she became a teen, she had found her true love, he liked her back. Lilly was at his house, and she went over a fight with her senpai's sister, she poisoned his sister, and threw her dead body out the window, with Leo watching, he broke up with her, Lilly had cried all day and all night. She stabbed herself, drank poison, and watched as the life she didn't deserve faded away, she had woken up, thinking she was still alive, she tried choking herself, but it didn't work, she trusted everyone, but was still scared and shy, she preformed at times, but she didn't always do it well, she put them all in dissapointment sometimes.

< T h i s - I s - T h e - E n d - O f - T h e - F i l e >

< W o u l d - Y o u - L i k e - T o - C l o s e - T h e - F i l e ? >

< A r e - Y o u - S u r e ? >

< C l o s i n g - F i l e >


< L o a d i n g 20% >


< L o a d i n g 50% >


< L o a d i n g 70% >


< L o a d i n g 100% >

< F i l e - C l o s e d >

< G o o d - b y e >

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I made a new account and so I'm carrying my ocs over there
The account is
And so if ya think they r stealing ocs
They r not
Its just mee
I always say this I'm not a mod but I'm doing this incase anyone thinks the ocs r being stolen :P

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● "ƈօʍɛ օռɛ, ƈօʍɛ ǟʟʟ ȶօ ʍɛɛȶ ȶɦɛ աօռɖʀօʊֆ ֆɛƈօռɖ-ֆȶʀɨռɢɨռɢ ȶɨɢɦȶʀօքɛ աǟʟӄɛʀ օʄ ȶɦɛ ƈɨʀƈʊֆ~!" ●

"мαяςєℓιиє нαиѕєи~!"
A.K.A Silenced Rose


● Marceline was born and raised in Paris with her wealthy family, Viscount and Viscountess Hansen. She was an only child, unfortunately, but she still made fun with the servants of the household. She constantly played around and was often caught falling asleep in the arms of one of the servant's after a long round of tag. ●

● She would often draw on anything that would make a pretty canvas and read to her heart's content in the library of her lovely French household. ●


● When Marceline first became a teenager, she had moved to London with her parents to meet and be closer to her fiance. It was an arranged marriage, of course, but the two had a close connection and hit it off immediately. ●

● As years passed and children matured, both Marceline and her husband-to-be found that they only thought of each other as mere siblings, though they didn't mind marrying each other for the sake of their families company's. What's better than waking up to your best friend every day? ●


● Marceline and Ramsey had a happy little wedding and sealed the deal for their companies. Ramsey took the 'throne' to his father's while Marceline did the same with her mother's, yet this time they did it together as a partnership. Marceline and Ramsey still thought of each other like childhood best friends, but as stated earlier, they didn't mind the marriage. Marceline cared for Ramsey very much as Ramsey did for her, he was very over-protective of her. ●

● However, the two were both blind to the fact that their was a jealous-ridden maid roaming around in their household. She had happened to fall in love with the handsome company owner and despised Marceline for marrying him. Instead of letting go of her feelings, the wretched maid did something else. Something worse. ●

● She poisoned Lady Marceline while she took her morning tea and fled the scene before Ramsey could return from his study. Of course, Ramsey had found out what had happened to his poor wife and had the maid thrown out and arrested. He hasn't remarried to this day. ●


● Marceline was very accepting of the fact that she had died. She didn't cry or whine. She missed Ramsey quite a lot, but she knew that she couldn't do a thing about it to see him again. ●

● She made friends within the circus and began to perform within seconds. She was very determined to put her second chance of 'life' to good use. ●


● Marceline is a very accepting and soft-spoken individual. She's quite shy during a first meeting with a new acquaintance, but as time passes and her emotional connection towards them grows, she becomes her goofy and playful self. ●

● She's very caring of children and holds a close connection with Bambi, like an older sister would with her younger. She's often seen cooking breakfast or feeding the beasts as she wants to be useful to the rest of the circus for something other than her performance. ●

● She's a kind person and would allow anyone to talk to her about their problems, seeing as she wants to help anyone in need. She doesn't believe that anyone is useless and constantly tries to bring a smile to another's face. Everyone has a use and a reason to be here. ●

● Although she's quite kind, she can be very rude as well. If one of her friends is hurt or verbally abused, you can bet that she will stand up and give the other a piece of her mind. Or fist. ●

Le Bien Qui Fait Mal
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