I'm hoping to run a game which can best be summed up as "Dieselpunk Submarine Privateers of the Caribbean" at Conpulsion in a couple of weeks. I'm planning to use 6D6 as the system. New setting, new system, convention game. What could possibly go wrong?

My question is this: What software are people using to create attractive character sheets. Is there a tool I should know about or do people just bust out their DTP package and go to it freestyle?

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I'm been thinking about a historical, or near-historical game, and several of my friends are big Robin Hood fans. it's definitely one of my early gaming influences as well, of course.

Any thoughts on how folks might go about skinning 6d6 (Modern) for a 1200 AD England game. I'm looking at low / no magic, or at least very period folklore and not wizards and such.

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Fantasy Apocalypse 1 : The Flooded Desert. This desert was not meant for water. An RPG scenario of fantasy apocalypse.

[two_third] Outsiders coming into a distant land with the best of intentions can have the worst of effects. Poor understanding of culture, climate or even geography will convert help into disaster. This post is a sequence of adventurers for a party…

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It's not hex or gridded, but I think this map's a great visual for Age of Legends. Definitely would make a great handout.

I found the map while doing some research; sourced it from Mappery.com.

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A starting character for Age of Legends, Aldus is a simple farmer now in the service of Demeter.

+John Taber - this is your guy. :)

So my Age of Legends Pandora's Box just arrived!
First I want to say thank you for doing such a great job on it!
The book just looks great, the art on the pages stands out just enough, but blends well enough to not be distracting. And all the things included in the box are awesome! I especially like the potential tokens!

Thank you guys for an awesome product!

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The Magic of Age of Legends - An introduction to Ancient Greek sorcerers.

The topic of this month’s RPG Blog Carnival is Wizards, as introduced by Harbinger of Doom . They want to know about the magic users in your RPG, in particular their culture. Circe and Medea are perhaps the most famous mortal magic users of Ancient…

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Ismene, Agent of Oceanus

If Poseidon has forsaken you then perhaps the fourth titanic agent can help.

A woman of average height but with incredible musculature.  She wears only a simple toga under the heat of the Greek sun and keeps her hair tied back.  Her speech is heavy with a Cretan accent and if asked will admit that she used to be a pirate and a…

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Age of Legends & 6d6 Core

All you need to play the epic new setting Age of Legends. Last Chance to Pre-Order at Kickstarter Prices Our latest Kickstarter tripled it's goal last December and is shipping at the end of July. Once we ship, the prices will go…

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Twelve Days of Titans

Age of Legends is near completion, so you'll be needing some mortal antagonists.  First up with have a barbarian from the north seeking to battle with wit and weapon.
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