I copied the Character Creator spreadsheet but there is a persistant error in the CP cost box: Error
Did not find value 'PAngel of Mercy' in VLOOKUP evaluation.
Looks like there is a value hidden somewhere that isnt in a list, but I can't find it.

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The Monastery of the Silent Sea - Five Faiths - An oil tanker converted into a place of quiet worship.

The SS Farnham Elgeria is an old oil tanker that drifts about the pacific ocean. The interior had been converted so that it functions as both home and temple for the most worshipful order of Saint Zarall. The nuns and monks follow the concepts of Zarall,…

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Harbingers of the Crow - Five Faiths - An insurgency of wisdom.

The church of Naimer has declared that the wisdom god Var is not to be trusted. Wisdom leads to curiosity and curiosity leads to doubt which the law god Naimer cannot abide. The Harbingers of the Crow know the greater truth. They know that Naimer seeks…

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Be the Beast - Five Faiths - Going back to nature to escape civilisation.

You are unhappy, say the priests of the beast, because you are not in communion with your origins. Our modern lives have taken us away from nature and we must return to it so we can become beasts again. The Ones Who Follow the Beast live deep within the…

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The Order of the Dark - Five Faiths - Mishelioism as a way of life.

The Order of the Dark live on the Kuiper Belt Object 2010_KZ39. They’ve fixed the rotation of the rock and have built their cathedral so that it faces away from the object of their hatred, the Sun. The order believe that the Sun is the source of all evil…

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Heroes of the Age of Legends at One Shot Saturday.
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I’d love to see 28 Heroines Later as a single pdf collection, and I’d love a POD option. :)

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Magical Weapons of Mass Destruction Add these weapons to your role playing game adventures if you want some mass magical destruction.

The Earthquaker’s Gauntlets Made for fists the size of oxen, this pair of gauntlets were left on Nyione as the god Goesis fled from the Thunder War. As the rock god escaped this plane, they dropped anything that would slow them down. The right gauntlet…

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Would love to hear about your favourite heroines from the project.
28 Heroines Later A post about the writing process and goals of the project. #28Heroines #6d6 #rpg

In early January I set myself the goal of publishing a heroine for every day in February. Each heroine would come with artwork and a 6d6 character sheet. In addition to setting myself a writing challenge I wanted to celebrate heroines. I set myself a…

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City Settings - The Unknown Authority
The standing stone at the heart of this city speaks and is the mayor.

The city of Oria is not governed by elected officials, a despotic monarch or a council of elders. It is ruled by a the speaking standing stone at its centre. A city state on the coast of Cyneweard, its location is unremarkable. There are no…
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