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ODMT Sheet Metal Joining System
ODMT Sheet Metal Joining System

Advanced circle connection technology and equipment have many advantages.

Economic—ODMT circle connection is more affordable than spot welding.

Reliable—ODMT guarantees the joints have enough intensity.

Wide range of uses—ODMT circle connection method can be applied into the connection of many panels.

Environmentally friendly—ODMT circle connection technology is energy-saving, clean and quiet.

customer oriented—ODMT =process+ production equipment, providing the final products.

ODMT Connection without Rivets—circle connection

connecting process

Circle connection usually adopts die and solid punch. The effect is excellent. No auxiliary connected components are needed.

The Principle of ODMT Sheet Metal Joining

Sheet metal connection adopts a cold-forming process, using punch to extrude the two-layer or three-layer boards into the corresponding die. Under a further extrusion, the materials in the side of punch extrude those in die, forming types in the die through a “flowing” state. So circle dots which are sealed and mosaic will be formed. The thickness of connected sheets can be the same or different, so can the materials.

This process can form no-edge, no-burr and anti-corrosion connection dots. As to the sheets which are coated with paint, aluminum or zinc, for during the process of joining, their coated layers also “flow” accordingly, so these layers won’t be damaged and the joining points won’t affect the plates’ anti-corrosion property on the surface.

ODMT connecting molds adopt the most advanced manufacture and coating technology, ensuring a long lifespan and high connecting quality.

Joining Process 

Solid connection:

The materials are extruded at the joint and thus improve their mechanical performance. There are no tears and damages, that is, there is no stress concentration. So this dynamic joint has high intensity. In terms of environmental protection, compared with traditional spot welding, ODMT sheet metal joining technology contributes to more to the environmental protection.

Lower processing cost:

The directly measurable cost has been cut down. Besides, this technology has changed the traditional process of production, so it can cut down the cost throughout the whole process. For example, it is often possible to punch, bend and connect in one progressive punch die. This simplifies the entire working cycle and saves the logistics expenses.

Test report: quality guarantee

We provide absolute guarantee for the connecting quality.

ODMT joining report:

It provides all the statistics needed to ensure the intensity of the joint.

ODMT Mold Certificate:

Each ODMT joining equipment and each connecting mold are attached with mold certificates. Production and maintenance personnel can get important information from it.

ODMT process of circle connection (perfect joints)

Compared with spot welding, ODMT circle connection can save the cost about 30%-60%;

The intensity of ODMT single point connection is much higher than that of spot welding.

It is simple and non-invasive to inspect the quality of the joint.

The sheets are extruded and hardened in the joints. So the intensity of the joints are improved, and there are no mechanical tears and damage occur.

ODMT circle connection: the intensity of the connection is the same as that of punching riveting. But there are no cracks in the joint.

The property of anti-corrosion of the coated and painted sheets isn’t damaged in the joints, because the coating is also “flowing”.

Even on the very narrow edge of flange or in a very small space, the connection can also be conducted perfectly.

Electrical components have excellent electrical conductivity in the joint.

Heat is not needed for the connection. It’s an ideal choice for mixed connection.

The bearing property of ODMT connecting joints has nothing to do with the force direction. The joints can bear both shear stress and pulling force.

ODMT Connection Mold without Rivets—Circle Connection Mold:

Different molds can be chosen according to the thickness of the connected sheets.

ODMT molds are made of high-quality imported materials and produced by high-precision processing equipment, then further processed by unique heat treatment and coating equipment. We constantly try to develop the molds, making the molds become better and better.

Our large amount of molds and flexible manufacturing make it possible that even in an emergency, we can ensure our supplies for the customers.

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Fastener Insertion Machine

Adopting ODMT standard modules and cooperating with suppliers of punching and stamping molds, we provide customers with pressing and processing solutions.

As to pressing nuts, pins, rivets or related components, we combine the latest technology with knowledge of fastening element producers to provide customers with complete fastener insertion solutions.

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