I received outstanding service from Liezel and the best price in South Africa for my Drone products. Her product knowledge is impeccable and she assisted me to buy the products to suit my needs. I am happy I will definitely do business with Liezel and Drone World!

These are the drones that most people are familiar with. Camera drones are usually ready-to-fly quadcopters that have stabilized cameras for shooting video and stills. Drones with cameras have a massive amount of uses in different industries, such as video production, search and rescue, agriculture and more. Most people don’t buy camera drones for a one specific reason. People tend to use their drone for many different reasons. Some of the more popular reasons include exploring the world from new perspectives, experiencing what it’s like to fly, and capturing memories in a completely new way is a perfectly good reason for wanting a camera drone.

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this is the best drone which i have come across it has a ton of different new features and is appreciated by many the DJI Phantom 4 is by far the most innovative drone so far It’s the first consumer unit that can see the world around it and adjust accordingly, the next big step towards a truly autonomous aircraft. Try and drive it into a wall, the Phantom 4 will put on the brakes. If you ask it to fly from your position to a spot across a river, and there is a bridge in between, it will make a judgement call: increase speed to clear the obstacle or, if that isn’t possible, stop and hover in place, awaiting your next command.The Phantom 4 accomplishes this feat with the help of five cameras: two on the front and two on the bottom, plus the main 4K camera that has always been onboard to capture video. The images captured by these cameras are run through computer vision software which constructs a 3D model of the world around it that the drone can intelligently navigate.The main feature of the Phantom 4 is the added 3D cameras and new computer hardware for mapping out environments in three dimensional space. This is what allows it to avoid obstacles and maneuver around them. However, features like obstacle avoidance aren’t the only thing that puts the Phantom 4 above all the other drones out there.From a design
standpoint, the Phantom 4 is made extremely well. It’s not the kind of drone where it just looks cool. Every part has been designed to be functional, but still elegant.
-4K Video with 12 Megapixel Photos
-HD Video Streaming to your Mobile Device (over 4 mile range in good conditions)
-Powerful Mobile App (just like the DJI Inspire)
-Longer Battery Life (over 22-28 minutes)
-Advanced 3D Vision Positioning for More Stable Flight
-Front Facing Obstacle Avoidance
-Active Visual Subject Tracking Technology
-Quick Release Propellers
-Free In-app Flight Simulator for Learning to Fly
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