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Name: Rosie

Gender: female


Sexuality: straight

Likes: to play in water, likes to read, loves to play with yarns

Dislikes: bullies, party, getting yelled at and getting hurt.

Personality: bubbly, shy, quiet, bookwormer

Owner/master: none

My master/owner must be 19-20

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Name: Neko Demonie (Dee-Mon-E)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Likes: Cotten, yarn, knives
Dislikes: (Most) People, butter
Type: Neko
Crush: None
Siblings: Neko Chara
Friend(s): Neko Blue.

Nice, but has a dark side...

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Name:Rose Phantom
Species: Neko
Likes:video games,reading,drawing,music,movies
Dislikes:hot weather,horror movies,bullies,loud noises

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Name: Koke Mizu (koh-keh mih-zooh)
Age: 11
Gender: She-cat
Likes: you'll see
Dislikes: you'll see
Birthday: August 23rd, 2003
Grade: 6th
Personality: Intelligent, grumpy, shy, mysterious, weird
Brother/twin: Donguri (don-guhr-reeh) Mizu ((FREE))
Mother: Yoru Yoake (yuh-rooh yoh-ah-kay) Mizu ((FREE))
Father: Tai (ti) Mizu ((FREE))

Other stuff: Is blind, has cat ears, teeth claws and tail, is bothered by loud chewing noises and feet rubbing against rugs, is allergic to raw chicken eggs and some pollens

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Animal worker

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Gender: female

Likes:nothing really


Bio:I live alone in old house that everyone says is haunted. I don't have any friends and I stay away from people, I'm always alone but I don't mind it's for the best.

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Name Red Frost
Age 28
gender Male
Likes Nekos cooking Saki and rpg games Harem style anime
Dislikes Cruelty and violence towards the people he cares for
Bio Came to this country looking for neko paradise (a place full of nekos like a harem anime where he live the life he seen in his anime) generally a nice guy and very loving

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Name: Yuki
Age:  15
Gender: female
Animal: fox (arctic)
Likes: reading, being outside in the forests and wilds, my friends, art
Dislikes: lots of people, cities,
Bio: uhh i dunno she lives in a small place in the  forest near a stream in fear of the normal humans who wanted to do experiments, for any kind of neko is rare she is very shy and has never met another neko before
Appearance/photo:   |

you see a small neko that you haven't seen before wandering the forests occasionally grabbing a paticcullarly  strange plant or stone when you approach ((open rp))

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Name: Fairlight
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Likes: You'll see
Dislikes: You'll see
Bio: Lives alone, and doesn't say where see lived before. But if anyone starts talking about siblings she tenses up.
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