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Get your June Nethacking on folks!

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I haven't played in a few years and I forgot you can't eat green slimes. I was hoping to get a resistance real quick and chowed down. Half way through I realized what I had done. YASD. This character was really kicking ass. Mojo, Demonbane, AND Grayswan. Armor setup was almost ready. Everything was on track for an ascension. I was basically hunting for an amulet of life, and a telecontrol ring.

Full moon tonight! Woohoo!

I hate it when I die in a store and the shopkeeper "gratefully inherits all of your possesions" in 3.4.3 Nethack

Some uses for ball & chain from a scroll of punishment:
-Throw it at monsters (It works!)
-Throw it across pits to avoid falling in

Holiday fun with Nethack 3.6.

YAAD: Valkyrie was going quite well when she encountered a platoon of soldiers. One of them had a wand of death. With no item of reflection, the end is swift.

YASD: Too cocky when I met a hobbit with a wand of create monster in a large room. Got surrounded by monsters, the end.

How do you enter the new (3.60) Minetown level that is surrounded by a corridor and has iron bars? Is there anything that opens the iron bars?

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Some examples of how gameplay looks in the gurr NetHack app for Android, for those who wonder.
It's a good travel companion.
On my way home now, after two weeks on the road, so next game will be on the computer, in a terminal, the way it was ment. :)
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And the second ascension. This time a wizard.
Played on my phone on the app from gurr. Not as nice as playing in a terminal, but the best mobile option, to use when travelling.
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