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Spoiler Alert: What To Expect From Black Sabbath’s Final Tour we were at the Melbourne leg unforgettable performance from all thank you

Jessies pizza the Avenue, (coles) in west sunshine melb vic Australia 3020. WARNING 14/2/16 if you like fresh food do not buy from here. Tonight my son brought home pizza garlic bread n a lasagna from here only to open the garlic bread and find black spots of mould all over. When we returned it the manager told me it was ok. When I suggested he eat a piece he offered 2 garlic bread as a replacement. I told him no you wrecked my night he swore black n blue he checked the two he offered (should do that to all food he sells) and it wasn't his fault. No apologies were offered only denial. I've kept 2 pieces of this garlic bread and intend to alert the health department. Some of us were eating by light of the TV, lucky one of us noticed to late for one member of the family, they'd already had a piece. When I rang to let him know I was told we didn't buy it from there. It may be west sunshine, but not everyone is a soft cock pushover. Please do not go there unless your planning to get salmonella. Thanks. Everyone is welcome to have a say on the quality of their take away good or bad but please remember to put an address some places are franchises don't let one spoil the lot.
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