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Welcome to S.C.T.C.!
This is a combat RP Community dedicated to fighting. We mostly focus on Role-play Tournaments and the such. I may add in a story, maybe not, but as of now, I'm looking for volunteers to be moderators. Also if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

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(someone deleted dis. ;n;)

✠♛ Basic Information ♛✠

✹Name: [UNKNOWN]

✹Alias(es): "The Forbidden."



✹Gender: [UNKNOWN]

✠♛ Physical Details ♛✠

✹Hair Color: [UNKNOWN]

✹Eye Color: [UNKNOWN]

✹Build: The being seems to have a normal body structure under all of that clothing. Tho this is merely a simple guess. It could be fat, starving, or normal.

✹Physical Deformities/Alterations:
✠♛ Biographical Details ♛✠

✹Powers: Yin and Yang. [This Power are Strong and Weak, Depending on what type the being uses it on. For example: If the being used Yin Energy (Dark Energy) against a person who has done too many sins, it wouldn't be effective. And if The Being used Yang Energy (Light Energy) Against a person that has not done too many sins, it'll also be ineffective. The Yin and Yang power will only work if the Specific power was being used on the person that is the opposite of their Nature. To Simply put, Yin Beats Good people, and Yang beats bad people.]

✹Abilities: Disabled Balance. [This move is an Unblockable, Undodgeable, but Avoidable if fast enough. This Ability deals No Damage, But it does take away you Stamina and strength for a while due to its power. This Ability disables your Ability and/or Element power for about 5 hours. Tho if you are very close to the being (If you are able to touch him if you're that close), you will receive -90% decrease in all of your attributes. Such as Strength, Speed, Durability, and more. Basically making you unable to move due to lacking in strength to go on.]

✹Ability(2): Creation and Destruction. [This allows the being to Create or Recreate anything out of thin air. And can also Destroy or destroy again on anything. Think of it like permanently deleting stuff on your computer, Expect its like a bug against the falling moon.]

✹Ability(3): Flash [This ability basically Teleportation and Time Manipulation Combined. When this ability happens, a Loud Flash happens. Blinding everyone within the radius.]

✹Weaknesses: The Beings main weakness is his lack of Knowledge. Based on his actions, we can assume he has a basic intellect of a 5th or 4th Grader. This will cause the being to hesitate about what he'll do. The other weakness will depend on what day it is. If it's a Sunny Day, the Being will be mostly likely to be effected to Hot Elements. And if its Night, then the being will be effected by Cold Elements. But it will be effective If_ the being is exposed to the Sun or Moon. The effects of this will not work if the being is not outside and exposed to the Sun or moon.

✹Personality: Due to it's intelligence, the being tend to be curious quite a lot. But it's a mute however. Meaning that it is unable to communicate other than body language. So the emotions of it if ultimately Unknown.

✹Relationships: No one, due to the being's noticable habit of staying away from people. Even if it's just one person.

✹Main Goal: [UNKNOWN]

✠♛ Equipment/Items ♛✠

✹Weapons: [UNKNOWN]

✹Armor: [UNKNOWN]

✹Clothing: The being wears a Heavy Trench Coat with a hood that covers it's head. With a Mask, Grey Pants, Black Gloves and Black shoes. The being is covered in head to toe. Not showing any skin, hair, or anything about it's body. But the Mask and the Coat gives the being a 90% decrease on it's every attributes. Making it a total 180% decrease on it's body. The clothes themselves could be only taken off by the Being itself.

✠♛ How S.P.E.C.I.A.L. are you?♛✠

✹Attack: Unknown due to the beings power can change to as soft as a Butterfly's landing to destroying reality itself. Including the 12 Universes from Dragon Ball Super.

✹Speed: Massively FTL+ on Average.

✹Durability: High Outerverse level.

✹Stamina: Abnormally high.

✹Intelligence: _Very low.

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Day 1: I've still got to Invite nibbas.

I wanna kick shnizz of with an RP, anyone interested?

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I'm gonna make a profile, but I gotta finish my chores...

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Thanks for invite.

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This community's rules are simple.

//Part 1: Role-playing

1. No God-Modding: This is probably the most basic of Role-playing rules. When it comes to fighting, you aren't invincible. Be fair when fighting. Don't control people's characters, dodge every attack, be invincible, etc.
2. No Sexual Role-Plays: Kissing and mild making out is allowed (within reason, of course), but all of you horny mofos- go join a hentai rp or something.
3. No Edgy Spam: Don't make every one of your posts something like "*lays in bed, crying, attempts suicide, drinks bleach*". Y'know what I mean.
4. Have Proper grammar: This is fairly simple. People don't want to RP with someone who can't spell the most simple of words. And it's not just that. You may be able to spell every word in the dictionary, but you don't use capitals, which can also be a turnoff.
5. Banned Characters: There are kinds of characters that we don't allow for one reason or another.
Furries: With the exception of official characters (Sonic, Looney Tunes and the like) we don't allow furries.
Creepypastas: We will not allow creepypasta based characters UNLESS we see that a genuinely good RPer.
6. Restricted Characters: These are characters that we may allow, but will be restricted in their involvement in role-playing.
a. Overpowered Characters: These characters are the kinds that are extremely powerful, to the point of GodModding. They are often the most prominent offenders OF God-Modding (In the wrong hands). If you want a character like this, please talk it over with a mod first. Even then, your involvement in tournaments will be restricted.
b. Comedy Relief Characters: We're all for a good laugh, so we will allow them, however, they are banned from Tournaments. Also, most, if not all, of their role-plays will be considered Non-Canon.
c. Doubles: For the sake of convenience, doubles will be limited. If there is a character you want to be, but it is already in this community, we will see how active they are before approving you. No more than two doubles are allowed.
c2. Character counterparts: Characters who are Canon counterparts to other characters. [Examples: Naruto and Young(pre-time skip) Naruto, Goku and Kid Goku, Captain America and Ultimate Captain America.] These characters are allowed, to a certain extent, so long as there are enough differences to make them different from the original.

//Part 2: Out-Of-Character
1. Respect the community: Respect the members and the Mods. This community doesn't want any drama.
2. No bullying: This is kind of a repeat of number 1. Don't make fun of people for any reason, be it their character, strength, anything.
3. Concerning Mods: If you think a mod is being unfair/abusing their power, just report it to a different mod, or preferably, an owner.

//Part 3: Other Rules

1. Community wide events: These events are not rare. There is an overarching story (made by the Mods). However, if a Non-mod wishes to engage a community wide event, talk it over with the Mods.
2. Amount of Profiles: You are allowed to have 3 characters on One account. Not much else to say.
3. Time without posting: If your account hasn't posted in the community for more than two months, you will be removed. You are always welcome to comeback when you have more time on your hands.

*More rules may be added later

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✠♛ Basic Information ♛✠

✹Name: Jeremy Destro

✹Quotes: "I may be small, but I'll hurt you!"

"If I lived forever, I'd try everything, then when I'm done, I'd spent my life telling everyone in the world all my stories, then I'd never be bored!"

"Here, eat this, it'll make you feel better,"

✹Alias(es): The Forest Guardian, Chamion of The Lady

✹Race: Jeremy belongs to a race of half-pig half-fairy hybrids called Swindicle, a compound word consisting of Swindle, Swine, and Magical.

✹Age: While his species has no real concept of age, he physically appears as a winged 2 year old pig

✹Gender: Male

✠♛ Physical Details ♛✠

✹Hair Color: Jeremy is hairless, but his wings are white

✹Eye Color: Jeremy has blue eyes.

✹Build: Jeremy is small for his species, however his wings are unusually large, giving him the unique abilitiy to fly.

✹Physical Deformities/Alterations: His pig half suffers from dwarfism. His fairy side suffers from Giantism.

✠♛ Biographical Details ♛✠

✹Powers: Jeremy has the abilitiy the conjure small object, as well as fly. He often has extreme luck and speed, as many fairies do. This makes him a very hard target to hit.

✹Weaknesses: Jeremy is very young, which leads to impulsiveness.

✹Personality: Jeremy is mildly pacifistic, so he refuses to kill unless needed to, and he attacks in the quickest and cleanest way possible, making him a somewhat good assassin.

✹Relationships: His close childhood crush Signia the fox is the only person he has a close connection to.

✹Main Goal: Jeremy wishes to improve the lives of all that he meets, even if that means humbling them out.

✹Team: Jeremy considers everyone his friends, but he usually works alone. The reason for this is unknown.

✠♛ Equipment/Items ♛✠

✹Weapons: Jeremy carries a drop-point blade, and a small sawn-off shotgun. He also carries a bag of holy mushrooms that heal most moderate wounds.

✹Armor: Jeremy doesn't wear any armor, relying on his speed and luck.

✹Clothing: Jeremy doesn't wear clothes.

✠♛ How S.P.E.C.I.A.L. are you?♛✠

✹Attack: 20

✹Speed: 40

✹Durability: 20

✹Stamina: 50

✹Intelligence: 30


✠♛ Basic Information ♛✠






✠♛ Physical Details ♛✠

✹Hair Color:

✹Eye Color:


✹Physical Deformities/Alterations:
✠♛ Biographical Details ♛✠





✹Main Goal:

✠♛ Equipment/Items ♛✠




✠♛ How S.P.E.C.I.A.L. are you?♛✠






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