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Hi All! It has been a while. Hope you are well.

I am in the process of writing business book The Art of the Deal, 8 Simple Steps to WOW your Commercial Real Estate Clients:

“After every crisis, a new era begins. Current commercial real estate vacancies reflect abundant possibility for improvement in going about business.

This easy-to-read book provides a powerful system to successfully enter this new era in real estate enterprising.

Take the opportunity to learn eight simple steps to turn vacant, boring office buildings into vibrant, alive spaces people will be excited to enjoy.”

I already had the pleasure of interviewing these amazing contributors:

‪#MichielDeZeeuw‬ #RTLWoonmagazine #TheGreySpace
#Cushman & Wakefield
#Cobra Museum of Modern Art
#art'otel amsterdam
‪#‎ING‬ ‪#‎ArtManagement‬

...amongst other great professionals.


Looking forward to your suggestions in the comment box via this link:

Thank you! Wonderful to co-create with you :-)

+Leo Salazar +Marcel van Tetering +Mahanaïm Singadji +Mahanaïm Singadji +Alexandra Gerny +Luuk Willems +Peter van den Berg Entrepreneur +An Kramer +Mapije de Wit +Rutger Slump +Steffan Ros +Nienke Schamper

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#Artists taking #leadership  position:  

Wowereit: “25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the once divided city presents itself today as a liberal and open-minded metropolis […] We place ourselves in solidarity with those who have raised their voices for freedom, democracy, and human rights back then as well as now […]"

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Samen groeien? Ik zoek een zakelijke held!

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The "Law of Opposites" as it relates to artists lives and their creations: "We live amid the riot of our own secret counterpoints, some of which complete and fulfill our human promise, some of which betray it. 'Man is not what he thinks he is; he is what he hides.'”
We Are What We Hide
We Are What We Hide

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To pay penance for, and add substance to, my bitter comment regarding Donald Trump (see below), see this different perspective on the commercialization of art. 

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Donald #Trump Audiobook on YouTube "#Commerce and #art can not function independantly, they must work together; that is the beauty of a #successful brand name."

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Revolution in Art with 3D Printing

Really cool stuff. But does printing equal art..?

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If you happen to be in Helsinki 27-29 November (2013) ELIA (European League of Institutes of the Arts) organizes a symposium about Leadership.

ELIA is the primary international network organisation of major arts education institutions & universities. 

"New economies arise, powers shift and cultural hegemonies are being challenged. The world has become a complex system. Old configurations disband and new ones emerge. Soft power has become a buzzword, building on the arts and the creative industries and competing for the hearts and minds of people...."

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Rooting for  #art  in #business  

#DanielPink "We seem to gravitate towards objects that are #beautiful and those are the items that are #successful in the #marketplace.”
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