Hey!!! Ty for making me a mod! ❤️
I love shawn😍😍😍
Tomorrow I'm making a Shawn Collage! 😂💖
I'll be sharing the community right now!!

Welcome to 💖Shawn Academy💖 this is the school about Shawn and everything about him will do projects and many other things and she probably will we won't be he would not be following this but I just have fun😜

Each 😘Shawnie😘 ( another word for student ) will get an ID that looks like this:
If you wanna be a student make a post that looks like this:
Hi my name is Maria and I want to be a student at Shawn Academy.

Please read the description and make sure to follow the rules

If you wanna be a teacher comment down below

Invite friends to join have fun down below are the students that are sign in an also the teachers

🎶Music🎶: +Mzedes B
🎨Art🎨: +Mzedes B
📚English📚: None
🌎History🌎: None
❌Math❌: Sike theres no math here
💖Principal💖: +Maria Martinez​​​
❤As. Principal❤: None

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